Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You (16 Crazy Reasons!)

Ever wondered why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You? I mean come on, how long does it take a guy to realize he wants you back?! If you think about it, a good thing to ask is when do guys realize what they lost!

I say just cut him off he will miss you instantly! No joke!
Actually, guys start missing you during no contact, so this would help you out, sis!

I know you will say is has been 8 weeks no contact is it over? The answer is No! Then, when do guys come back after a breakup? They actually need some time to realize what they lost! If you see him reach out to you out of the blue then, guys reach out if they miss you!


Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You (16 Crazy Reasons!)

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You
Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You

It Takes Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You because guys need some time to process their feelings and they need enough time to miss you so they can actually take the step to contact you!

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The majority of relationship specialists and discussion boards agree that it usually takes at least 8 weeks following a breakup for guys to start missing you. Regardless of whether the person is the dumper or the dumpee, this still applies.

This is due to the fact that if they are given less time to mourn, guys have a difficult time missing you.

How long does it take for a man to Realise he misses you is up to each man. Some may miss you faster and some need more time to miss you. Don’t be surprised when guys reach out months later! This happens often when a guys ego keeps him from contacting you until he miss you like crazy!

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The male will eventually quit avoiding his emotions around week eight.
The games ultimately come to a conclusion, putting an end to the cycle of despair, frustration, and helplessness.

Even the most emotionally immature man will now recognize that it’s now or never because enough time has gone.

1. Enjoying being single

After their initial breakup, they are focused with the moment of rest in their individual lives. Your ex wants to have fun and continue living the bachelor lifestyle he so dearly loved.

2. He lacks the words to say

Although he misses you, your man is too hesitant to express it. When he wanted to ask you out but had the guts to do so, this previously occurred. He tried texting a friend they have in common to check on you, but he didn’t receive a response.

3. Moment of mood change

Your partner is missing you but is unsure of how he feels about it, and he is still hesitant to get in touch with you. Naturally, he will likely turn to you for some cuddling as the barriers come down. It won’t take long for him to get in touch with you.

4. He understood he had lost you.

He knows you meant he shouldn’t contact you again, and this marks the end of your relationship with him.

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He now spends all of his time with his closest friends and family while trying to find a method to connect with you. This indicates that he is prepared to confess his love for you.

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5. He’s done with you

Let’s be honest. It’s highly likely that your guy won’t make any attempt to contact you. He might already be with someone else, posting selfies, and acting in ways that made him happy away from you.

Naturally, I don’t advise getting into one yourself, but you have to accept the possibility that your ex-boyfriend might no longer be interested in you.

6. He is treating you in silence.

It’s possible that your ex-boyfriend is ignoring you or exploiting the no-contact clause against you.

Will he return? Most likely, especially given that he is watching for your next move. He is merely using these tricks to retaliate against you.

7. Feelings

The degree to which guys are in touch with their emotions and how much they miss you actually depends on how much they miss you. A man who is more emotional than you will undoubtedly miss you earlier.

8. Still analyzing

After eight weeks, if your split was messy, your ex may still be digesting everything. Consequently, the reason why it takes guys 8 weeks to miss you may be because they are taking their time to digest the breakup, which could be the solution to the query.

9) Because he is reluctant to move on.

Because you’re worried about getting injured again, you don’t want to move on. You’re terrified that things will turn out just as poorly as they did the first time, so you don’t want to give another female a chance.

You decide not to put yourself in a situation where it can happen again because you don’t want to have your heart broken once more.

Even though you want to get past your ex-girlfriend, you are worried that doing so may be unwise.

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If you let her leave, she might not return, and you’ll always regret losing her. You don’t want to lose your girlfriend and be left alone.

Although there are other girls out there, you decide it would be best to stay away from them because you are so frightened of being wounded. Not having to deal with that agony is easier.

You might not think of her again for several weeks.

10) Because he accepts his fabrications.

More often than he’ll acknowledge, he’ll be considering her. He may try to convince himself that he has forgotten about her and has moved on, but this is all a lie.

Men tell themselves many lies to keep from getting harmed once more. You constantly tell yourself lies, and you’re unaware of the suffering this is creating.

Men will start to think they are stronger than they actually are as a result of believing their own falsehoods.

Hey, I can manage this, they’ll think. They are reluctant to acknowledge that they share your vulnerability and fear of further injury.

Guys will act as if nothing is wrong in order to avoid dealing with their emotional distress.

They won’t ever acknowledge the hurt they are feeling in their hearts and will always act stronger than they are. Even though they won’t be able to see it, they are in great discomfort.

11) As a result of his unwillingness to confront his emotions and move on with his life.

He denies it. He’s ashamed of it, just like you are every time you think of her, and he doesn’t want to feel the anguish.

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He doesn’t want to accept that he still has feelings for her and that his heart is still linked to her. He doesn’t want to experience fear and apprehension once more, yet that is exactly how he is feeling.

He is concealing himself behind his pride and acting as though nothing is wrong. When he hasn’t, he acts as though he has moved on.

He’ll simply give you a blank stare while acting as though nothing is wrong.

12) As a result of his fear of beginning over with someone new.

He’s hesitant to approach other ladies since he knows they are out there. He may have feelings for you, but he keeps his distance out of concern that you won’t turn out like his ex-girlfriend.

He doesn’t want to become intimate with anyone else or let go of the heartbreaking memories he has of his ex-girlfriend.

He is afraid of getting injured once more and losing yet another lady he loves about.

13) As a result of his unwillingness to accept the reality.

He’s unwilling to move on with his life because he’s too arrogant and stubborn to accept that he still has feelings for her.

He falsely believes that he is stronger than he actually is.

He makes the false claim that his emotions don’t matter anymore, yet they do.

Though he despises her for ending their relationship, he still has hope that they might yet mend fences. He feels anxious about it but is unsure of how to handle it.

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14) He is examining you carefully to determine whether you are the ideal match for him.

Most of the time, men are rational thinkers. They prefer to fully comprehend things and require a justification for their actions.

Guys don’t understand they miss you when it comes to love because they need time to decide if you are the ideal person for them. You should express your feelings to him if you love him.

When a man falls in love with a woman, he begins to think about her more and craves her company constantly. More than everything, he wants to be with her and care for her. However, he is unsure about whether you are the ideal girl for him.

Even though he may love you, he does not want to put himself in a position where he could wind up hurting himself again.

He worries that you’ll go because if you do, he won’t ever be able to move on.

He is prepared to take his time and consider whether or not it is the best course of action for him.

15) Since he is still working on moving past her.

It’s possible that he has finally let go of his feelings for her, but it doesn’t mean he is completely over her. You are merely one of many women he has dated, and he was only using you to distract himself from her. He was using you to advance in his life; he wasn’t really in love with you.

Guys mistakenly believe that getting a partner will help them forget about their ex and help them move on. Although they just go on with their life, guys never forget about their ex-girlfriends.

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He’s not necessarily over her just because he’s with you. You are just the next girl he is with, yet he still has feelings for her. to distract him from his former lover.

And finally

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16) He wants to check to see whether her feelings for him haven’t changed.

He’ll speak with her and see her once more. He wants to continue adoring her because she has always been his true love.

He must determine whether she still feels the same way. He eagerly anticipates the day when he would be able to apologize to her once more and express regret over how things turned out with him.

Even while it could be challenging for him, it won’t take long before she resumes ignoring his calls.

He wants her back, but she no longer has the same feelings for him. He’ll just have to wait and see what happens after that.

How long will I be missed if we don’t communicate?

Most people need four to eight weeks to start missing and wanting their ex back while the no-contact rule is in place. You must realize that ladies begin to miss someone more quickly throughout shorter time periods.

Typically, it takes men eight weeks to begin missing their ex-girlfriend. Men occasionally take up to 16 weeks to begin missing you. Once more, it all depends on the individual.

The finest post-relationship advise is the no-contact rule, which I won’t have to repeat. For a period of 30 to 90 days, it prohibits any correspondence with your ex via text messages, social media, or other channels of communication. The idea behind the rule is to either get your ex back or completely forget them.

I’ll come to the conclusion that a person’s personality determines how long it takes for them to miss you. Some people will start missing you right away, while others won’t start missing you for a time.

Your ex-boyfriend can be so preoccupied with work or other responsibilities that they haven’t had time to think about you at all if you think he isn’t missing you.

Are men ever aware of what they lost?

Yes, a man will likely realize what he lost once he sees that you have moved on with your life. In fact, he’ll probably come to realize that you were someone he could have married. It’s already too late for that.

The guy can observe your development personally, via social media, or through mutual acquaintances. The most important thing is that they observe an adult who is older than they are.

The length of time it takes a guy to understand what they have lost relies on their emotional and mental maturity as well as on you. There is little chance that your ex will contact you if you can’t stop coming off as desperate in your attempts to win him back.

Use the no-contact rule to expedite this procedure. The objective is to get your ex back without coming across as indifferent. In actuality, though, by not trying to connect, you are merely playing them.

Your ex will think you’re over him and think twice about how they behaved when you were together. They’ll probably come to the realization that they mistreated you and now see what they lost.