29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You

29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You

Wondering what are the signs she regrets losing you? You have asked yourself, will she regret leaving me?

There are many signs she feels guilty for hurting you but today we are sharing all the possible signs that could mean that she has totally regretted losing you.


What are the signs she regrets losing you?

29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You
29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You

The signs she regrets losing you are:

1. She says to you

Well, this one should be pretty clear. Usually, a girl will just tell you if she really regrets breaking up with you. Now, I know it’s not always that simple, especially when things like pride, embarrassment, or nerves come into play, and she might choose a more indirect approach.

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2. She’s not going out with anyone else.

how to find your soulmate

After you broke up, she might have gone on a few dates or even dated a guy for a while, but it looks like it was just a rebound relationship.

You can see that she’s not interested in anyone else, but she’s still talking to you… Even more likely if she likes to flirt…

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3. She has been teasing you.

When you first broke up, she kept her distance, but now you’ve noticed that she’s flirting with you, and it looks like you’re having an effect on her. If she flirts with you, it’s NOT a sign that she’s losing interest! She’s having fun and might even touch you more.

4. She has been going out of her way to talk to you.

She’s been making up reasons to call you or send you a text. She has been asking if you can help her with some things, but you know that she could have asked anyone. She went with you. She has been reaching out to “Just see how you are” and asking for your advice on things that are important to her. You’ve seen that she goes out of her way to talk to you, so it’s likely that she’s thinking, “I wish I hadn’t let him go…”

5. She’s been talking about the good times you’ve had together and seems to miss them.

She has been saying things like, “Remember when we used to go to our spot on the beach? It was so much fun. I long for that.” She’s definitely at the point where old memories are coming back to her and making her feel sad. She misses the good times, and at the moment, these happy memories are stronger than the painful ones about the breakup.

Remember that she might choose to do this in a sneaky way. Many women share their feelings on social media so they don’t have to tell you directly. She might put up a photo from a trip you two took together with the caption “Take me back!” Or even, “I miss days like these.” Others just see a pretty picture of a beach, but you know it’s from the day you told her you held her hand, kissed her cheek, and drank beers while watching the sunset and laughing until your bellies hurt. She is thinking about the past and how much she misses you.

6. She had a big reaction to the breakup.

Now, let’s talk about the signs she’s sorry they broke up.

The first sign is that the split was a big deal. In other words, she didn’t break up with you in a nice way.

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She ran out of the room, yelled, blocked your way, and even cursed at you and wished you bad luck.

This is not the behavior of someone who is okay with the breakup and has reached a point of deep inner resolve.

It’s what someone does when they’re upset about a breakup and acting in the heat of the moment.

7. She is asking your friends about you.

The next clear sign that she regrets leaving you is that she is asking your friends how you are doing.

Why would she ask if she’s over you if she was?

Just because?

It’s possible, but that’s not likely at all.

It’s much more likely that she wants to know how you feel about the breakup because she feels bad about leaving you.

If she can’t talk to you directly (which I’ll talk about later), the best way for her to reach you is through people who already know you.

This usually means your friends, but she may also talk to your family or coworkers to find out how you are.

Relationship Tips

8. It’s been confirmed by a relationship coach.

Breakups can hurt and be hard to deal with. Sometimes you get stuck and have no idea what to do next.

Before I tried it, I was always skeptical about getting help from someone else.

9. You can’t get away from her on social media.

Your ex is all over your digital footprint is another big sign that she’s sorry you broke up.

Even if she doesn’t like the posts and stories, she still reads them.

She also reads the messages you send her even when she doesn’t reply, and you see her online a lot.

Even if she’s still thinking about whether or not to reach out to you, she’s thinking about you.

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She seems to be thinking about that, and she misses the time you spent together.

As I said, you won’t be able to tell if she’s using a different account to check you out if she blocked you on all of her accounts after the breakup.

But you can be sure that if the relationship was serious, she won’t just snap out of it in a week.

10. You reach a higher level and get back in touch.

Good for you if you’ve tried to level up since the breakup.

Relationship Tips

This means putting your attention on your relationship with yourself, as I said in the masterclass on relationships.

It means doing things like working on your physical health, mental health, and social life just because you can, not because you think you will get something out of it.

This is called “independence of outcomes,” which I’ll talk more about later.

The point is that if you’ve been trying to be the best version of yourself, and then you reach out to her, she’s likely to feel regret.

This is especially true if you have leveled up because you want to and not because you want to show her something.

She’ll see that you’ve changed and become more attractive and sure of yourself, and she’ll want some of that.

Then he really starts to feel bad about leaving you.

11. After a breakup, she talks to people more than usual.

There’s no better sign that she feels bad about your breakup than how many times she tries to get in touch with you after all hope has been lost. Don’t believe what she says or promises. If she wants to get back together, her actions will show it sooner or later.

12. She brings up all the good times you’ve had together. This is a sign that a woman feels bad about something.

People often end up regretting a relationship because they don’t remember that they had a lot of great times with their partner before problems started to arise.

If your girlfriend keeps bringing up old memories or things you’ve done together, she might want to get back with you more than she’s letting on.

Relationship Tips

She tells her friends that she’s sorry she broke up with you.

Some women think that if they can’t say anything nice, they shouldn’t say anything at all, so they don’t talk about their relationship mistakes. This might be hard for her to say out loud.

If your girlfriend talks about her regrets with other people, especially mutual friends or family members, she’s probably telling you how she really feels through the grapevine, which might not be a good thing if she never tells you directly.

13. When she sleeps with you, she says “I love you.” Here’s how to tell if she’s sorry she lost you.

When someone says “I love you” when their bodies are touching, it means that they are telling you how they really feel about you at a time when they are most vulnerable.

If your ex-girlfriend blurts out these three little words while you’re having sex, don’t be surprised if she starts to miss this physical connection after all. Sometimes being away from someone makes us miss them more.

14. When she talks about the breakup, she calls you her best friend. Here are signs that she feels bad about hurting you.

Even though it might not mean much coming from someone who is no longer in your life, if your ex-girlfriend keeps talking about you in a friendly way with friends or family, she might be looking for a reason to get back together with you.

After all, people who break up often stay good friends, so why not give you two another chance?

She always wants to know what’s going on in your day-to-day life.

If knowing that your ex misses you makes you feel like there’s still a chance you can get back together, finding out that she often asks about what’s going on in your life will definitely give you an extra boost. If this is true, it’s likely that she’s jealous of the life you have without her.

15. When she has to make a hard choice, she asks for your advice.

Actions speak louder than words. If your girlfriend always comes to you for advice before making big decisions, she might regret losing you both emotionally and physically.

Relationship Tips

Don’t be surprised if she reaches out to you soon to get back together after she realizes how much easier things are when you and she are together.

16. She keeps thinking of reasons why she can’t say goodbye over the phone or in person.

This is when she feels bad about letting you go.

When someone leaves for a while, everyone misses them, even if they think it’s for the best.

Your ex-girlfriend probably regrets not telling you how she feels about you before she left if she always tries to avoid saying goodbye to you over the phone or in person.

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17. She always brings up old memories when talking.

Even though it might be hard for someone to completely let go of the past, if your ex-girlfriend can’t stop thinking about all the good times you had together when she’s in a new relationship, there’s still hope that one day everything will come back around.

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Even if these memories don’t lead to a reconciliation right away, they are sure signs that maybe your paths will cross again in the future.

She doesn’t talk about you with her new boyfriend.

If your ex-girlfriend doesn’t want to talk about what went wrong between you two, or if she even bothers to say that it just didn’t work out, this is a sure sign that she doesn’t want to think about all those old memories because she knows that they still mean something to both of you.

The best way to deal with heartache is to try not to think about your past at all, but everyone has feelings for their first love. If she’s over you, there’s no reason for her not to talk about the two of you. No one cares!

18. She is very envious of the new life you have.

Jealousy is another clear sign that she’s starting to feel bad about leaving you.

It’s not a good feeling, and it doesn’t always mean that she’s a good person, but it’s a sign that she’s sorry about something.

If she acts jealous when she sees you and tries to find out who you’re dating or how serious the relationship is, she’s not over you and happy with her decision.

That’s a woman who feels bad about what she did and wants you back.

Whether or not you give her a chance is a whole other question.

19. She tries to get you to kiss and sext her.

The next thing on the list of things you’ll regret is if she tries to sext and seduce you.

Maybe she just wants to get laid? Perhaps.

But I think this (rather cynical) saying fits the situation:

“Guys fake love to get sex, and girls fake sex to get love.”

It’s a stereotype, and it’s not always true, but in general, women don’t call up an ex just because they’re feeling sexually aroused.

They do it because they miss him and don’t like that they broke up (and maybe feeling a little frisky, too).

If you reach out and try to do something wrong, that’s a different story.

But if she does it, it’s likely that she’s got some romantic regrets just below the surface.

20. She acts as if she couldn’t care less.

She acts like she doesn’t care at all, which is a huge sign that she regrets letting you go.

She moves on, doesn’t try to stop you, and acts like you were never together. If you run into each other in public, she barely notices you.

You may be thinking now:

Doesn’t this just show that she never cared about you to begin with?

Unlikely. Even if they didn’t care much, people still feel sad when they let someone down.

After a breakup, a woman who doesn’t show any emotion is usually hiding a lot of pain and regret.

She is not being honest with herself, and she is putting on a brave face to convince herself as much as the rest of the world and you.

21. She often asks her new boyfriend what it was like when you were together.

If your ex-girlfriend is always asking her new boyfriend about what you used to do as a couple, it’s likely that she’s doing this to see how much better she feels with him than with you.

If the sex is that much better or if he’s just an emotionally open person, it could make it hard for anyone else to get back with you in the future…

So don’t think too hard before committing yourself again, because once someone else has been there and won, there’s a good chance they’ll want to go back for more!

22. She doesn’t decide what will happen with your relationship.

Why is it that taking a break from each other didn’t stop you from being together before?

After all, if you were able to keep in touch while spending time with someone else, chances are you’ll be able to do the same thing and find a way to pick up where you left off when your ex starts to miss you again.

Everyone gets into a relationship for different reasons, but if your ex-girlfriend can’t decide if she wants to stay in the present tense with you or not, it’s pretty clear that there are still a lot of unresolved feelings between the two of you.

23. She only calls her new boyfriend “friend.”

Even though everyone has the right to privacy, if your girlfriend keeps calling her new boyfriend her “friend” when she talks about how well things are going between them, it’s likely that something isn’t right.

The problem could be that she misses having someone who is always there for her emotionally, without fear of being judged or getting in trouble. If this is the case, let her go, but don’t wait too long because she’ll change her mind again soon.

24. When she talks about her new boyfriend, she talks about him as if he were one of your ex’s best friends.

It might be a good thing that she realizes what you two had was special, but if she keeps saying things like “I’m so glad we’re together now” and talking about how much fun it is for the two of them to hang out with each other every day, she’s probably trying to convince herself that it’s better without you or getting used to the idea that he’ll become someone important in your life as well.

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Even if this isn’t a case of a rebound, if she suddenly starts to devalue what you had, it’s probably because she started to see your relationship as all about the excitement instead of real emotional reflection.

25. She talks about her future with her new boyfriend more than she used to talk about you.

If your ex-girlfriend is always talking about how great things are with him and how much fun they have together without really saying anything positive or having any real meaning behind those words, this could be a sign that there isn’t much substance to their relationship anyway!

If your girl keeps bringing up the fact that he makes more money than you do or who will take care of her and her family in the long run (which is a major relationship cliche! Then it sounds like she might be looking for reasons to stop being with you.

26. She and her new boyfriend have already talked about getting married and having kids.

Even if she hasn’t told you that she’s ready for a future with you, if your ex-girlfriend starts talking about wanting to marry someone else or have a child with him in a certain amount of time, this is a clear sign that she’s trying to get over you as quickly as possible by making sure she has other things to focus on.

Even though it might not be fair because everyone has their own schedule, if your girl talks about having kids or getting married soon after meeting a new guy, it’s likely that they won’t last very long.

27. She tells you how much she enjoys being around him.

It doesn’t matter if she’s talking about something that actually happened between the two of them or if she’s just making a casual comment about how much fun they had while having dinner together – this is your sign to start thinking about moving on.

If your girlfriend can’t talk about anything good you did together without feeling like it was a long time ago and having to force herself to say something nice, chances are there’s no going back. By doing this, she’s subconsciously telling you everything you need to know to get out of there already.

28. She talks more (and better) about her friends than about the thing she loves most, which is YOU.

If your ex-girlfriend has a history of breaking up with guys right after meeting someone new or when she thinks things are moving too quickly between you two, this will come up again with a vengeance!

If she keeps talking about her friends and smiling about things they did together, that’s a sign that she’s trying to get back in touch with her old friends so she can feel better about moving on with someone else.

Even though it might be hard for you at first, knowing this about your ex-girlfriend will make things easier for both of you if it turns out that there really wasn’t anything between you two after all.

Once you find out that your ex-girlfriend has been seeing someone else behind your back, you’ll be able to put this whole thing behind you and move on. This is one of the strongest signs the dumper wants you back!

29. She starts talking about how great the world is and how she wants to move on.

Last of the Signs She Regrets Losing You, If your girlfriend gets angry every time you try to talk to her, lashes out at you for no reason, or even completely cuts herself off from you, this is one of the signs that she wants to move on without you.

This kind of behavior might seem insensitive or mean to the other person, but it’s actually a way to protect against guilt by making them blinded by pride.


How do you know when someone regrets losing you?

You know when someone regrets losing you when:

  1. He will be more quiet than usual
  2. He will be checking on you more than usual
  3. He shows he is too happy around you
  4. He can’t stop showing up everywhere you are
  5. He will change for you and let you know about it
  6. He will find ways to talk to you
  7. He tries to make you laugh
  8. He apologizes
  9. He will want to get back to you

How do you know if she is truly over you?

She is truly over you if she no longer wants a relationship with you. She will then respond not so well to all your messages. If she breaks down and tells you she’s tired, then she is totally over you.

You can also check some of the signs she regrets losing you reddit threads which offer much information. If you ever feel down and need some uplift you can check these she will regret losing you quotes that are absolutely awesome!

There you have it, 29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You!

29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You
29 Instant Signs She Regrets Losing You

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