Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You

Wondering Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You? You are not alone! It’s no secret that breakups affect men and women in various ways.

Men appear to handle breakups differently than women do, experiencing nothing at first and then breaking down many weeks later. Women experience anguish soon after the breakup and gradually get better (specifically, eight weeks later).


Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You

Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss YouHere are 11 explanations for why men and women respond to breakups so differently, as well as what occurs over those eight weeks:

1) A breakup involves a great deal of ego.

Drama wouldn’t exist if there was no ego.

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Everything would be clear-cut and easy; people would express their feelings and desires and refrain from pointless games.

However, we all have egos, and when males experience a breakup, their pride and ego are more important to them than ever.

Because they can only hang onto their pride when they lose their lover, losing it would be the worst thing they could do.

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It almost seems as if guys are biologically designed to postpone the inevitable grief of losing their relationship by using pride as a coping technique while avoiding heartache.

They start by diverting their attention with their pride in order to avoid actually “feeling” their feelings.

2) Men Lack Emotional Intelligence Compared to Women

Men require more time to analyze their feelings than women do, which is another reason why they don’t begin to grieve over the termination of a relationship as soon as women do.

Men simply don’t understand themselves as well as women do.

Men don’t think about their feelings or try to comprehend what they really imply; this is seen as a waste of time in the male culture.

Men are consequently less emotionally developed than women and lack the capacity to fully comprehend what they are experiencing.

They think that in order to be tough and manly, they must suppress their emotions.

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So even though they might still be suffering from the breakup’s anguish, it takes some time for them to come to terms with it on their own.

Men are urged to move on.

Men naturally lack emotional self-awareness, which makes it difficult for them to comprehend not only the grief that comes with a breakup but also the level of attachment that existed during the relationship.

Men don’t realize how much they truly love a person until they have to deal with the sorrow of losing that love, which is where the saying “You don’t know what you had until it’s gone” originates.

As a result, males tend to underestimate the amount of love that truly went into a relationship, leading them to think that they can easily replace it.

They believe that they can easily enter the dating world and find a new partner with the same degree of fulfillment and tenderness in the relationship.

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They don’t realize their past relationship had far more significance than they realized until they’ve gone through the dating process.

4) He starts by attempting to defend himself.

As we previously stated, a man’s dignity comes first after a breakup.

Since it’s the only thing he has, he makes every effort to safeguard and take care of it.

So don’t worry if he hasn’t told you that he misses you yet.

He won’t spend his nights sobbing and depressed about losing the love of his life right after a breakup.

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Instead, all the benefits of being single once more will come to mind.

To maintain his mental stability, he will tell himself whatever he needs to hear.

He is no longer “tied back” by the partnership, he is free to date and sleep with whoever he wants, and he no longer has to consider shared obligations.

5) He believes that his first emotions are his forever emotions.

He’ll begin to believe that this surge of optimism is now his constant state of mind as he persuades himself more that ending the relationship was truly a good thing.

This should continue for two to four weeks, which is enough time for it to begin to feel like your true world.

He will identify all of the negative emotions he was experiencing before the split with the relationship, which will reinforce his convictions that the partnership was unhealthy for him and that being alone is preferable.

6) As the optimism fades, he begins to experience confusion.

The initial happiness from a breakup begins to wane around week five.

The man finds that being single again is not as nice as he had anticipated after he gets used to the rhythm and routine.

At this time, he starts to revisit his past relationships with his ex.

He will recall the good times, including your inside jokes, your frequent travel destinations, and your previous favorite eateries.

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It’s also nearly entirely forgotten now that you two are no longer together, and there may even be times when he ponders why you split up in the first place.

Confusion results from this, and confusion can feed frustration and annoyance.

7) He’ll attempt to persuade himself The man enters the stage of denial after saying It’s Just Part of the Relationship.

He’ll eventually fall in love again after going through all of his old memories of the relationship; bewilderment over the reasons it ended will take over, and he’ll forget all of the previous issues he may have had with his partner.

He’ll eventually discover that it’s much simpler to assume that the relationship is simply taking an extended hiatus than to conceive of it as being “over.”

He’ll reason, “She’ll eventually come to her senses, this is just another break.”

He’ll end up doing it for her when she never “comes to her senses.”

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At this point, he starts to make contact, acting as if everything is fine or that you two can simply go on and resume your relationship.

8) He begins to feel desperate as reality begins to sink in.

He begins to understand at last that it has already ended.

He has dealt with his emotions head-on and may have even made an effort to reconcile with his ex.

But now that his emotions have caught up to the present, he must face the fact that neither he nor anyone else is able to change the situation.

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Whether he likes it or not, it is finally done, and there is nothing he can do to change it.

At this point, desperation is the only emotion he can have.

He’ll become desperate to go back in time and avert the previous chain of events that caused the separation.

His mind can’t accept that the relationship was broken in several ways; instead, it’s easier to believe it was just some strange accident that caused the breakup. This causes him to hyperfocus on those most recent events, despite the fact that there were a dozen underlying problems in the relationship.

9. His Desperation Becomes Anger and Frustration

the phase following desperation? Angry and frustrated

He will strike out at everyone and everything, including his ex, himself, his friends, and the outside world.

This stage will either result in self-destructive tendencies (drinking all night, quitting his work, abdicating his duties), or self-imposed solitude, depending on his general temperament (cutting himself off from his friends and family, never answering his messages, moving to a new place).

A small part of him will be expecting that his downward spiral will prompt his ex’s compassionate side, compelling her to come back to him.

This is his last ditch effort to trick her into returning to him without actually telling her how he feels.

10) It Will Take Time For Him To Realize That He Wants You After Trying the Dating Pool

The male will eventually tell himself to move on during these eight weeks, remembering the adage “the greatest way to get over someone is to go under someone else.”

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So, in an effort to move past his ex, he will go on a few dates and possibly even have a few ladies to himself.

The issue? At this point, he recognizes that his previous relationship involved much more than just a woman’s company.

He only comes to appreciate all the positive aspects of his ex and their former relationship through dating other women; traits that had been so ingrained in his life that he had stopped noticing them.

11) He Decides in the End After Eight Weeks: One final attempt before permanently moving on

The male will eventually quit avoiding his emotions around week eight.

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The games ultimately come to a conclusion, putting an end to the cycle of despair, frustration, and helplessness.

Even the most emotionally immature man will now recognize that it’s now or never because enough time has gone.

He’ll be open and honest with his ex at this point. He will hope for the best and try to be as precise and succinct as possible in expressing his views.

Because it’s “do or die,” the last breath of the relationship, this is the worst aspect of the breakup for him.

He knows in his heart that if she doesn’t take him back right away, she won’t ever take him back, and he’ll have to go on permanently.

Why Do Guys Need Eight Weeks To Miss You?

The majority of relationship specialists and discussion boards agree that it usually takes at least 8 weeks following a breakup for guys to start missing you. Regardless of whether the person is the dumper or the dumpee, this still applies.

This is due to the fact that if they are given less time to mourn, guys have a difficult time missing you.

In other words, people go through a few stages following a breakup that need to be addressed. These stages are as follows:

• FIRST FEW WEEKS: After a relationship ends, a man’s mind takes pleasure in his solitary existence and mental wellness. They continue doing this for the first few weeks while remaining mute toward their ex-girlfriend.

• MOOD SWING PHASE: A guy has mood swings throughout the second phase of their relationship, which is no longer as upbeat. He is unsure of what to think of you.

• YOU’RE GONE: He learns he can’t just call you up and hook up during the fifth week after your split. He is experiencing heartbreak right now.

• MISS YOU PHASE: The phase known as the 8-week rule or 60-day rule, in which males miss their significant others, comes next. Even though there are exceptions to the rule, actual life events demonstrate that men begin to miss you after eight weeks. Of course, each man is unique.

Now that we have examined the history of male psychology, it is time to find out why it takes guys eight weeks to miss you.

The first and most frequent explanation for why it takes most guys eight weeks to miss you is because they may still be going through other phases of grieving from breaking up with you or for other personal reasons.

The guy will have eight weeks to think over his options before deciding whether to stick around and fall in love with you once more or to move on and find someone else. We’ll go over some of the more typical causes today.

So now you know Why Does It Take Guys 8 Weeks to Miss You!