why is he ignoring me now i thought he liked me

Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me (19 Revealing Reasons Why)

Did you ever asked yourself..why is he ignoring me now i thought he liked me? You’ve been ghosted by him, and you’re not sure why.


Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me (19 Revealing Reasons Why)

why is he ignoring me now i thought he liked me
why is he ignoring me now i thought he liked me

Did you say or did you do it? Why Is He Ignoring Me Now I Thought He Liked Me? is a topic that women have asked since the dawn of time, and I’ll address it in this post.

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If he likes you, why would he neglect you?

First and foremost, you should be aware of who you are dealing with. Despite the fact that it could look like you are the victim in this situation, everyone has a motive for everything they do or don’t do. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with the pain of losing a loved one unexpectedly.

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1. He is unaware that he is neglecting you.

how to find your soulmate

A man, I am. And as a male, I can categorically state that we are fools. We are not as perceptive of social clues as women are.

Having said that, he could not be aware that he is neglecting you. And he doesn’t want to pass you by. He perceives that he is replying to your texts promptly.

Some males require explicit explanations. Inform him like such: “Babe, I feel ignored. Why don’t you reply to my text messages? He’ll respond to you. If he doesn’t, you need to decide whether to continue your relationship.

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2. The pace of events is too rapid.

Too soon, things started to get physical.

Men place a higher value on women who make them wait for intimacy, which is a terrible relationship that has existed between men and women from the beginning of time.

You’ve probably heard the advice, “Don’t sleep with him until the third date,” because of this.

Honesty is key as you ask yourself these questions:

Did you enter into this with the intention of finding something lasting?
Were both of you initially just looking to hook up?
What are the goals for the two of you?

If your relationship began as a strictly physical one and he has now stopped responding to your texts, he is clearly letting you know that he doesn’t want to go any further.

You are not involved in it at all.

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3. He has lost interest.

His interest has waned. And he lacks the decency to put an end to things like a good human.

You shouldn’t take this personally. It’s an illustration of who he is. Instead of ignoring you, he would have been more considerate if he had informed you that he had lost interest.

He will take the simple route out by ignoring you. It’s a nightmare for you because you’re sitting there trying to figure out what occurred.

I’m also guilty of this. When I was younger, I dated a girl, but I quickly grew disinterested. I chose to ignore her until she understood the message rather than sending her a text, calling her, or setting up a meeting. Years later, when my nagging guilt finally overcame me, I contacted her and gave her a sincere, heartfelt apology.

Therefore, if the guy you’ve been seeing suddenly ignores you, it can indicate that he no longer values your company.

4. He is uneasy

The sexual tension in your texts to one other is palpable. But they have abruptly stopped completely. Why?

He might be unconfident. He’s excellent at flirting, but he struggles to close the deal. He might be good at flirting. However, he is frightened to ask you whether you want to pursue it further.

Make the first move if you like this guy. Send him a filthy image, your address, and the message:

What are you holding off on?

5. He requires solitude.

Men need a quiet place to rest. If you’re wondering why he’s not talking to me when I thought he liked me, he might need to take a break.

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True, there are more effective ways to communicate. He ought should text you to let you know that he’s taking a break from electronics for a few days. However, not all men have the emotional maturity to take this into account.

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Men used to leave the tribe in the past to spend time by themselves, collect their thoughts, and solve problems in the woods. The same is true now, however doing so is much more difficult now that we are always connected.

With that said It’s not acceptable for him to suddenly stop paying attention to you. I’m just trying to let you know that he might be avoiding you because he wants some alone time but is afraid to tell you.

6. He’s anxious

He has prioritized his career or family obligations over everything else, even you. Not out of spite or rage, but rather out of a desire to protect myself. When males are under stress, they frequently block out the rest of the world and concentrate only on solving the current problem.

To complete that work endeavor, it could be necessary to remain up all night.
To visit his mother, who is in the emergency room, it might entail traveling to Boston.
It goes without saying that if you feel that he has suddenly stopped paying attention to you, it may be because he has recently had a really stressful event and is in survival mode. You’ll discover if this is the case soon enough.

7. He is not interested in dating.

You want more, and he merely wants to hook up. Perhaps both of you were on the same page when this all began. Only hook-ups. But eventually, you began to feel something for him.

Your texts to him increased. You two started interacting more frequently.

The truth is that he might not be looking for a relationship. He’ll sense if you want more and draw away if he’s only interested in the physical side of things (which is totally reasonable).

It’s reasonable for you to want more. In this case, no one is at fault. You cannot be made to change by him, and vice versa.

8. He is seeing another person.

He’s thinking about another woman. He might have moved on to someone else if he starts to ignore you out of the blue.

Relationship Tips

You can only learn the truth if you ask him, just like with most of the answers in this blog post. If things were going well between you two and you both felt a connection, but then they stopped, something has changed.

It’s likely that all he ever desired was a sexual relationship with you, and that now that he has one, he has moved on. Having said that, it is impolite and upsetting for him to abruptly ghost you.

To be clear: You have absolutely nothing to do with this. Nothing you did was wrong. This is his fault.

9. Are you certain that he’s avoiding you?

Are you certain that he is ignoring you? Have you two stopped communicating altogether, or has it simply slowed down? A relationship develops through time, and the time between communications gets bigger. That is typical.

In our interpersonal interactions, we have developed certain communication styles. And they might be relational red flags when those habits alter or change (but not always).

Think about the following:

What do you anticipate from him in terms of communication?
Have you ever had paranoid thoughts about these things before?
Are you typically clingy?
A slow decline in communication could indicate that the honeymoon period is over.

And you might simply be being overly cautious.

10. You treated him like a god.

He might start to believe, “Maybe I can do better,” if you elevate him.

He will have his ego inflated if you elevate him. He’ll start to believe that they can get away with anything, including humiliating actions like ignoring you.

Relationship Tips

You’re making him feel like he’s your entire universe when you elevate him because it shows him that you dread rejection.

He’ll know that you’re looking for the following:

The truth is that he is not obligated to provide you those items. And he’s backing off because he doesn’t want to be in charge of your happiness or sense of self.

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He will be much more likely to remain around, treat you as a high-value partner, and be interested in your life if you arrive at the table already KNOWING your self-worth.

He’s heard whispers about you, 11.1
Is there a malicious rumor going around about you? Have you dated one of his acquaintances or do you know his friends? Whether it’s true or not, a bad rumor about you could be the cause of his disregard for you.

Perhaps he heard that you had a STI from someone else.
Maybe he’s heard that you’re insane from someone.
He may have heard that you are possessive.
Even if none of those claims are accurate, the rumors have caused harm.

You would be better off without him if rumors were to blame for his withdrawal. A good individual will not believe rumors and gossip. Ladies, it’s time to let this guy go.

12. You’re no longer a challenge.

At the pub, you engaged him in some flirtatious conversation and exchanged numbers. When he returns to his male buddies, they all give him high fives. Why? Males enjoy challenges. Men also enjoy little victories. Men enjoy working for rewards.

He is putting all of his effort and use all of his cunning to entice you to be with him. The challenge is finished once he “gets” you.

Consider that for a moment. How satisfying is it to be pursued? to be desired? It really boosts one’s ego. You feel wonderful when a guy expresses interest in you and asks for your phone number. You’re elated.

Relationship Tips

But what happens after you both obtain your objectives? The difficulty is ended. He is finished after the challenge is over and he has obtained his goal.

This is the reason he pretended to like you before ignoring you.

13. He believes you are too competent for him.

He believes you to be beyond his level. He actually likes you. But he lacks the assurance to advance the situation.

All of us have witnessed beautiful women with repulsive boyfriends. But that ugly boyfriend has the character and self-assurance of a god.

He has observed how well you have your shit together after spending some time with you. You don’t owe anything on your credit cards. You own your own home or apartment. There isn’t any family strife here. You are stunning. You look after yourself well. You ought to be pleased!

All of these characteristics draw you to him initially, but he doesn’t think he possesses any that can compare. And he feels uneasy about it.

He is reflected in this. Not you, You’re doing great, girl.

14. You’re asking him for his approval.

The majority of men are drawn to confident women. This could explain why the guy you thought liked you is suddenly ignoring you if you’re looking to him for approval.

It’s not necessary for you to express your need for his favor in words. Let’s say you display insecurity around him. Or you are too concerned with what he thinks of you since you are eager to agree with him when he expresses a different viewpoint.

Seeking approval destroys attraction.

You deserve closure when a guy abruptly ignores you, and that’s what makes it so difficult to handle. That he abandoned you without providing any reasons or solutions hurts so much. This is the next best thing if the guy isn’t giving you the closure you’re seeking for.

To escape this horrible secret, it helps to understand what might have gone wrong.

He may have started neglecting you for a variety of difficult-to-accept reasons; here are a few:

15. Reluctance to commit

This issue is typical and understandable. He begins to experience unpleasant emotions or sensations, which makes him withdraw.

His only concern is injuring himself or possibly you. These kinds of ideas and emotions are a result of several past experiences. Nobody wakes up one day and decides to reject love because it seems frightening. A man may be able to flee from something before becoming more emotionally invested when they are hurt.

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Less emotion, less chance of suffering.

16. He was solely after your pants.

One possibility is that he used you to have sex and that his enthusiasm waned once it either didn’t happen or did. It’s also possible that he was lying about his sentiments all along and was only looking for a one-night stand. It happens frequently for someone to say something they believe will work to get into your pants.

It’s not your fault; it’s challenging to understand someone else’s thoughts and feelings. He is dishonest and will say or do anything to get into your pants. Some guys are merely players, and it’s difficult to figure them out. It makes sense why a woman would be captivated to a charming, smooth-talking gentleman.

You must get to know him better and spend enough time with him to develop confidence in him and strong attachments over time so that his actual nature may be revealed. Only then will you be able to tell if the charm is real.

Therefore, you should make an effort to get close to someone if you want to determine whether they are a good man. Give them your time. Over time, this will help establish trust and reveal their actual nature.

17. He struggles to communicate

If a man is no longer attracted to you, whether it’s non-physical or physical, he could find it difficult to admit it.

On all levels, two people may not always mesh well. This can be brought on by anything, from your pheromones to your sense of humor, depending on the person. This makes the mind retrace its steps before things get very serious or taxing.

Although admitting something harmful is definitely more likely to result in silence than a response, this does not necessarily imply that people dislike you. He finds it easier to avoid these uncomfortable circumstances than to deal with them.

It’s also possible that he fell in love and that his fascination with her abruptly ended.

Maybe worry a little for his safety if you think he’s suddenly vanished; else, I might start to forget about him.

He has a secret life, 18.

You might be dealing with a man who has to maintain his persona till he can no longer if he suddenly stopped paying attention to you if he was a man you liked.

It could involve deception, addiction, or lying. Living two separate lives may enable a person to genuinely believe in and live in both of them. He may enjoy being with you, but it interferes with his other life or the other way around.

He doesn’t want you to blur the lines when conflict emerges between these two lives, so he will either ignore you or stop speaking to you altogether. This is done in order to prevent turmoil as well as to maintain permanent separation between these life.

Keep an eye out for odd trends and suspicions that might point to something nefarious or unhealthy.

Narcissism, 19

The most heinous of all motives for a guy to neglect you is narcissism, a personality trait that is a form of empathy deficit disorder.

This kind of individual would deliberately take advantage of everything you have to offer, leaving you feeling hurt and confused.

Their entire reasoning for ignoring you is to play on your emotions and produce a certain result that will work in their favor. Narcissists are like vampires that hunt down kindhearted people to devour and drain them of all their resources. A narcissist might be challenging to get rid of.

Therefore, if he chooses to ignore you, count yourself lucky. However, be careful not to succumb to his seductive ways and let him leave your life. Beware of their deceptive tactics; narcissists frequently utilize ignoring you as a means of seizing control over their victims. If you have ever encountered a narcissist, you may be baffled by their variety of looks and personalities.