online long distance relationship never met

Online Long Distance Relationship Never Met (14 Great Ways To Make It Work!)

So you just started Online Long Distance Relationship Never Met before… do you continue? You have a sense of having found the one. They’re humorous, cute, and make you feel like you could talk to each other nonstop for days. You complete each other’s sentences and have a passion for the same authors and films.

You two share the same aspirations in life. You might even envisage a future with this individual if all goes well.

There is only one problem: you have never really met them.


Online Long Distance Relationship Never Met (14 Great Ways To Make It Work!)

online long distance relationship never met
online long distance relationship never met

An independent study on long-distance relationships was undertaken by the parcel delivery service ParcelHero. According to them, 6% of the responders had never really met. (More data on long-distance relationships can be found here.)

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So while “never met” partnerships do exist, they are a distinct minority.

The obvious argument is that bonding physically with your partner is a pretty crucial component of your relationship, but the link doesn’t provide any justifications for this. It’s likely that both of you will make an attempt to meet in person if you truly have a strong connection with the other person.

Relationship Tips

14 Essential Steps to a Successful Long-Distance Relationship

There may be infrequent contacts in some long-distance relationships, but many of the same issues still exist—how can you know what is happening when neither you nor the other person is present?

What can you do to make your long-distance relationship the best it can be if, for better or worse, there is little to no chance of you being together anytime soon?

Consider the good!

You might not have any relationship at all if it weren’t for the long-distance one. Take pleasure in what you have!


If the connection is important to you, concentrate on communicating, which is what you do best in a distance relationship. Whatever it takes: write, call, text, use Skype, Zoom, etc. Even when you are physically closer to someone, other reasons may occasionally make it difficult for you to meet. Take advantage of the chance to learn a lot more about your companion.

Each other’s surprises.

Send unannounced texts, a letter or postcard that is written by hand. Share the other person cookies or flowers to let them know you’re thinking of them, or send a photo of where you are right now.

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Together, spend some time.

You can spend time together even if you are not physically present. Get takeout from a chain restaurant (or cook the same meal) and eat it all at once. You could even watch Zoom while you eat; alternatively, you could go outside and observe the moon at the same time. Your creativity has no boundaries.

Make it a routine.

Establish small routines that strengthen your relationship, such as calling or texting each other to say good night or good morning. Anything works; just adjust to your demands and those of your companion.

Relationship Tips

Don’t be afraid to ask the questions!

You will inevitably harbor doubts, occasionally even worries or suspicions. Everyone has anxiety occasionally, especially if they are separated from a loved one. Ask your partner if you want to know what they are doing when you’re not around.

Be frank and truthful!

We are all susceptible to the temptation to keep one or two secrets, and then perhaps three or four, and then perhaps five or six, and so on. Secrets spread like a virus as soon as they begin. Being faithful is a steep slope, and if you start to stray, you may either continue down it or talk to your spouse about it as soon as it happens. If you can’t talk about it, you already know where it’s going. Your long-distance relationship will eventually end or, worse, turn out to be a hoax.

Draw nearer!

I’ve said that, in the end, the only way we can truly understand someone else is through the stories we create about them. Therefore, even if you spend every day by someone’s side, you can only learn so much about them. In other words, relationships that are ongoing when both partners are physically present have many of the same difficulties as those that are long-distance. Do not be discouraged by the distance. Get closer to your lover if you want to. Try to make what occasionally could appear like a crisis into an opportunity. Physical separation can be overcome by emotional proximity. Draw near as opposed to moving away.

Plan ahead and have a backup strategy!

If you don’t think you can maintain a long-distance relationship indefinitely, come up with a plan with your partner. How are you planning to physically meet? When? And what if that strategy fails? Make a backup strategy. No matter how far the end may be, it is comforting to believe that it is close.

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Yes, they function. The issue is with the individuals who are unable to make it work. Based on my experience, I feel as follows:


Long-distance relationships can succeed, but not everyone is a good fit. First, while many couples have succeeded in their relationship, distance should never be the only factor in a breakup. Yes, a lot. One of the men who made it work is myself, and I have many friends who have done the same.

One of my relationships has lasted 17 years, and we are currently living in the same city. Why be childish about it by making long distance a reason for splitting up when it wasn’t an issue when it first started? People are aware that if they had met someone online, whether through Facebook or another website, they would have known they were at least 890 miles apart. This is what made it work for us and other lovers:

Distance means nothing to us because we both desire it.

Identify your goals. Openess.

What do you hope to get out of this relationship, and is the other person on board with your goals? Both parties must be honest about what they want from the other at this point.

Some people are looking for love. Others only desire sex. Some people genuinely want to fulfill all of their sexual fantasies away from their homes and from people who might judge them. Some people merely want to be buddies.

Relationship Tips

There is neither right nor wrong, whatever it may be.

Only what both of them want is known, and they both agreed on it.

Being honest and up front will improve communication. It will make the in-person meeting great. It will make awkwardness go away. That entails refraining from lying and from portraying oneself as something that one is not. Keep it genuine since you will meet people and trust is a delicate emotion.

Insecurities will always exist.

Maturity and then insecurities are what truly get in the way. You’ll always struggle with insecurities. You might interpret an email or SMS the incorrect way if you get it. Thus, problems like possessiveness and jealousy start to arise, which causes your words or their words to be misconstrued and cause feelings to be hurt. Many assumptions start to be made as well as mistrust.

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Then, how do you handle such situations?


Leave long distance contact alone if they don’t have the time for it. The issue is maturity, insecurity, and a lack of communication, not the distance. Long distance communication is required for it to work. Much of its success stemmed from that. If money is tight, use technology to solve the problem. You can now send texts, emails, and private messages.
Trust is the fragile element at the center of a long-distance relationship. There must be trust at some point. When there are insecure people around who carry a lot of baggage who ghost on people, it might be difficult to trust someone.

The worst thing you can do is play games and pay less attention to your partner. Don’t discuss your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends or your relationships with other men or women with anyone. Instead of focusing on your ego, trickery, manipulation, or jealousy, nurture your relationship. Make every interaction with others count.

It’s difficult to trust, but at some point, if you want it to develop, trust is the next thing that must take place.


Because they all advise talking to women the same way you would talk to anyone else, if I had followed the mainstream and the advice of so many dating authors, I would have failed spectacularly. Because they are all alike.

My mother and I never engaged in the same type of messaging and texting/dating with women that I do now. I didn’t do it with my sisters, nor with female coworkers or businesswomen.

Relationship Tips

There is a dialect. You can give it any name you like. This or that code. Since people rely on those who claim it doesn’t exist, those who insist it does leave people frustrated. You’re stuck, spending money on garbage month after month, and wondering why this doesn’t work.

Due to the fact that it sandwiched everything, this was the most potent. The discourse became spectacular, thrilling, and always.

True conversational skill has been lost. To appeal to perceptions that are valued by their social peers, the media and numerous authors have diluted it. Because they have trouble having conversations, it does many couples and lovers around the world a disservice.

It’s a skill that shouldn’t be ignored.