dirty questions to ask your crush

299+ Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush (Make Him Fall For You!)

Find out these dirty questions to ask your crush and make him fall for you today! Any new relationship usually has a very emotional start. Whether it’s a new boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush, there are times when you feel emotions you can’t put into words.

Your chances of making a strong first impression through a meaningful conversation are likely to be ruined if you become bogged down in words.


299+ Dirty Questions To Ask Your Crush (Make Him Fall For You!)

dirty questions to ask your crush
dirty questions to ask your crush

A few naughty questions to ask your crush will come in handy in these circumstances.

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Being unpredictable and entertaining around someone is the foundation of effective flirting. Additionally, including a few naughty questions in a text or in-person chat with your admirer can make it easier for you to accomplish your objectives.

Questions to Ask Your Crush in a Dirty Way

1. How much do you enjoy gossip?

2. What kind of foreplay do you prefer?

Relationship Tips

3. How likely is it that you’ll engage in foreplay?

4. How popular are massages among you?

5. When did you last perform it?

6. Have you ever carried it out in public?

7. Have you ever attempted it while driving?

8. Have you ever had a sexual encounter in an unusual location?

9. Have you ever tried it simultaneously with more than one person?

Relationship Tips

10. Have you ever attempted a double penetration or wanted to?

11. When it comes to making out, how long is too long?

12. How do you feel about quickies?

13. Have you ever considered having a threesome in your life?

14. What are some dating and relationship no-nos in your opinion?

15. What about a girl most appeals to you?

16. What about a guy most appeals to you?

17. What about a girl you were beginning to like turns you off?

18. What about men turn you off?

19. What details do you believe should not be disclosed during dating?

Relationship Tips

20. How probable is it that you’ll kiss a guy after the second date?

21. Do you enjoy having s#x with a girl you like?

22. Do you enjoy sexting at all?

23. Do you love having s#x with a female you love?

24. What sexual fantasies do you have?

25. When was the last time you had a bad dream?

26. What is the one thing about your bedroom that you would like no one to know?

27. When did you first have sex?

28. What peculiar aspect of life do you find appealing?

29. What does beauty mean to you?

Relationship Tips

30. What, in your opinion, makes a girl beautiful?

31. What do you look for in a man to judge his attractiveness? How am I doing?

32. When it comes to dating and relationships, do you have any rules? If you have any, mind sharing?

33. Do you think love can be found at first sight? Why not, then?

34. Do you think it’s conceivable and real to be in a soulmate state? Why do you think that?

35. What do you think you can handle the most confidently?

36. Which body part receives the most compliments?

37. Which bodily component would you like to alter or slightly modify?

38. On your first date, what will you avoid doing?

39. Do you prefer spending time inside or outside?

Relationship Tips

40. Are you more of an extrovert or an introvert?

41. How do you feel about masturbation?

42. Which body part do you think I am most drawn to?

43. If you happened to come in on me while I was naked, what would you do?

44. If I kiss you right now, how would you respond?

45. How would you react if I reached my hand under your shirt right this second?

46. What clothes do you like that I wear when we meet?

47. How probable is it that you’ll decide to do it with the lights on as opposed to off?

48. Ever tried wearing edible underwear? What do you think about it?

49. Have you ever used lubricants with it? What do you think about lubes?

Relationship Tips

50. What do you think about scheduled versus unplanned sex?

Questions to Ask to Get Her/His Attention

51. What one aspect of dating and relationships do you find to be “dirty”?

52. What exactly do you mean by “secrets” in a person’s love life?

53. What do you desire that I perform on you at this time?

54. Which of your dreams was the dirtiest one you’ve ever had? Did the dream appeal to you?

55. Do you mind if I act inappropriately with you?

56. Do you think it’s plausible that I’m wearing underpants right now?

57. What color underwear do you suppose I’m wearing at the moment?

58. Which body part won’t you ever let me touch right now? Is it dangerous if I touch it?

59. Do you have a preferred sex position and style? Which fashion is it?

60. Which sex act do you consider to be overrated? Why do you believe that?

61. How long should the ideal s#x last, in your opinion?

62. How would you respond if I kissed you right here, right now?

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63. Will you still think favorably of me if I initiate contact with you?

64. What do you think about women taking the lead as opposed to men?

65. Do you have a style that you’ve always wanted but never had the chance to wear? Which fashion is it?

66. What would you do if you discovered me naked and exposed laying on your bed?

67. In our opinion, what makes you anxious the most often?

68. Which would you prefer—making out on the bed, the floor, or a chair?

69. Do you remember what happened on your very first date? How did it feel?

70. What inappropriate suggestion have you ever made to someone and quickly regretted?

71. What is the one subject about which you find yourself deceiving your partner most frequently?

72. Which of the topics we’ve covered thus far has your level of skepticism the highest, and why?

73. Have you ever thought that I might be telling a lie?

74. Are you a b#tt guy or a b##bs?

75. How probable is it that you’ll let me touch you there?

76. What makes you uncomfortable when it comes to making out?

77. Do you enjoy making out more or cuddling more?

78. What do you think about getting inked? Do they have sex or not?

79. Which female body part is your favorite?

80. Which male body part is your favorite?

81. What, if anything, do you wear to bed?

82. Do you intend to look for a relationship soon?

83. Do you consider me to be attractive?

84. On a scale of 1 to 10, how seductive do you find me?

85. What will you do if I let you do whatever you want with me?

86. When you find out that I like both men and women, how will you respond?

87. What was the worst sexual encounter you’ve ever had? Why did things go worse?

88. Which of your past dates was the best?

89. What is the one thing that motivates you to start a new relationship?

90. What will you say if I tell you that I like you and want to be with you?

91. What would you say if I asked you to make out with me? How do you plan to react?

92. What would you like me to alter first if I became your girlfriend?

93. What do you believe about true love? Do you believe it to exist?

94. Who will you turn to for assistance first if you suffer a bedroom injury?

95. Have you ever been let down by someone after making out with them? What made you unhappy?

96. Do you have any expectations for dating? What do you want from me, assuming that we are dating?

97. What about guys do you most dread?

98. What about girls do you most dread?

99. What inquiries should you ask your crush that you consider to be the dirtiest?

100. Where do you think your skills in the bedroom are the best?

Question to Ask a Guy or Girl to Be Flirty

101. Ever had sexual contact with a married man?

102. How many sexual partners are necessary to qualify as a prostitute?

103. Have you ever had a club hookup?

104. Have you ever broken the marriage of a woman?

105. Do you ever purchase sex?

106. Have you ever had sex with the girlfriend of your best friend?

107. S#x is it overrated?

108. How frequently should couples engage in sexual activity?

109. Ever have feelings for your best friend?

110. How do you feel about “friends with benefits”?

111. Which of your sex stories is the most intriguing?

112. What was the craziest movie you’ve ever seen?

113. What sexual approach are you most hesitant to try?

114. Have you ever attempted it while driving?

115. Which would you prefer: romance or s#x?

116. How long ought s#x to endure?

117. How many sexual encounters are allowed each day?

118. Which sex act will you never attempt again?

119. What role does s#x play in a relationship?

120. What stresses you out?

121. How do you dress for bed?

122. Which would you prefer—nothing at all or seductive clothing—to wear to bed?

123. What do guys want most of all?

124. What one thing do women seek when they date?

125. What design should I get inked?

126. Have you ever been discovered ogling a b#tt?

127. Ever had your attention drawn to someone else’s chest?

128. What does perfect foreplay mean to you?

129. Have you ever had sexual relations while dating your ex-boyfriend?

130. What was the strangest place you ever had a date?

131. What are some typical lies that men use to get inside your pants?

132. Would you help me burn some calories because I’ve heard cuddling burns calories?

133. I’ve heard that sharing a kiss is good for the heart. Do you mind enhancing the health of my heart?

134. What are some typical lies that women use to get the better of you?

135. Have you ever considered challenging someone to a game of dirty truth or dare?

136. How do women request sex without requesting sex?

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137. How do men initiate sex without initiating sex?

138. Which would you prefer—a gathering with friends or complete strangers?

139. Who would give in first if men and women held out for a while in terms of having s#x?

140. Is it possible to have too much sex?

141. Is there such a thing as excessive love?

142. Do you think it’s okay for a woman to initiate contact?

143. What do you think about love bites?

144. Would you like to see what I’m wearing on the inside?

145. Which fashion do you prefer?

146. Which job are you unable to live without?

147. Is having s#x a means of expressing your love to someone?

148. What should you do if you’re alone and s#xual feelings overwhelm you?

149. If I asked you to come here right now, how quickly could you do it?

150. What makes you the happiest?

How to Ask Your Crush a Freaky and Dirty Question

1. What would really embarrass you if you were caught doing it?

2. What has been your most embarrassing experience in a bedroom?

3. What kind of cuddling is your favorite?

4. How many times did you do it today?

5. What would you be most willing to do in your bedroom?

6. What feature of a woman’s body is your favorite?

7. What word would you use to describe my body if you had to?

8. Do you enjoy being scolded?

9. Do you prefer to be dominant or submissive?

10. What kind of underwear do you prefer?

11. Do you ever indulge in any fantasies?

12. What do you think of cuddling?

13. What do you enjoy doing the most in bed?

14. Do you prefer going raw or using protection?

15. What would you do if I were in bed with you right now?

16. When did you last have a sexual encounter?

17. What did someone do to you that was the sexiest?

18. Do you find my outfit attractive?

19. What do you find yourself to be extremely shy about?

20. What are your thoughts on the idea of “friends with benefits”?

21. How recently have you been in a committed relationship?

22. What do you do when people call you hot?

23. What feature of a girl’s body is your favorite?

24. What most arouses your interest?

25. How many partners have you had in bed?

26. You’ve done it while skinny dipping, right?

27. Do you believe that personality matters or if it’s just about looks?

28. Do you favor relationships over flings?

29. What does “dirty talking” mean to you?

30. Do you enjoy trying new things in your bedroom?

31. The last time you practiced in front of a mirror was when?

32. What do you think of yourself as a lover?

33. What would you do if you met your blind date and were instantly repulsed by them?

34. Consider yourself a player, if so?

35. What was the weirdest thing you ever did to catch someone’s eye?

36. How many times have you been kissed?

37. Have you ever been dating multiple people at once?

38. What did your relationship with your ex teach you?

39. Is a date’s weight a turn-off?

40. Is having a bad date a turn-off?

41. Do you enjoy those who have piercings and tattoos?

42. Have any of your friends ever had your attention?

43. How should the ideal be?

44. Do you favor dating younger or older women?

45. Which actor or actress would you want to bed?

46. Ever engaged in a one-night stand?

47. Do you ever envision getting married and starting a family?

48. What proportion should a man’s be?

49. Do you favor large or small?

50. Do you prefer a woman with long or short hair?

51. A married woman: Would you sleep with her?

52. Do you think girls who wear short skirts are attractive?

53. How do your men suit you?

54. Who would you say is your ideal woman?

55. How frequently do you venture out to bars in search of women?

56. What would you change about your body if you had to?

57. Which body part makes you feel the most insecure?

58. What was the nature of your first sexual encounter?

59. How recently did you touch yourself?

60. What is the best method for winning a woman’s heart?

61. What was the most memorable private moment you’ve ever had?

62. Attend adult nightclubs?

63. Do you prefer to awaken alone or with others?

64. How long have you ever waited to have a sexual encounter?

65. What steps would you take if we got lost on an island?

66. You’ve been in how many relationships?

67. At what age did you experience your first kiss?

68. What was the most loving act you ever performed for a partner?

69. How frequently do you enjoy doing it each week?

70. Which of your past dates was the worst?

71. What was the priciest gift you ever bought for an ex?

72. What would you think if I immediately undressed?

73. When would you prefer to carry it out—morning, afternoon, or evening?

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74. What do you do to keep a relationship interesting?

75. Which underwear item is your favorite?

76. How old were you when you had your first sexual experience?

77. What is the most flattering thing a guy could say to you?

78. Is making out with someone you just met weird?

79. When you see someone across the room, what makes you turn on?

80. Where would you most like to go on a date?

81. What are some things you won’t do on a first date?

82. What was the most bizarre thing that ever occurred to you while dating someone?

83. Do you enjoy sharing a kiss on a first date?

84. For how long can you avoid doing it?

85. What do you enjoy doing on your own time?

86. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being single?

87. What area of your body can I touch without making you feel attracted to me?

88. What does the ideal first date look like to you?

89. Do you enjoy the game truth or dare?

90. What would you say is your level of intimacy?

91. What would you say about your kissing abilities?

92. What is the worst icebreaker you’ve ever heard?

93. Which of these pick-up lines has made you laugh the most?

94. The first kiss or a great massage, which makes you more enticing?

95. Who did you have a high school crush on?

96. Would you call me beautiful, hot, or appealing?

97. Is climax possible just from kissing?

98. Where would I start if I had to kiss you right this second?

99. On a scale of 1 to 10, how ecstatic are you right now?

100. What about me initially piqued your interest?

101. Have you tried it with a different couple before?

102. What is the greatest distance you have traveled on a first date with a girl or a guy?

103. Has someone ever dumped you?

104. Would you be open to dating someone publicly?

105. What do you think about lying?

106. When did you become sexually intimate with someone the quickest?

107. What would we be doing if we were both present?

108. What must you notice in a woman for you to find her attractive?

109. Do you enjoy sharing a kiss while you sleep?

110. What is your preferred post-makeout activity?

111. Which body part do you enjoy seeing the most?

112. Which will prevail when lust is pitted against love?

113. Is intimacy an important factor in a relationship? Why or why not?

114. What is your definition of a fling?

115. How good was your first time?

116. If you could be in any other person’s body, who would it be?

117. If you are on a date with me, what would we do next?

118. If you had to choose between an adult movie star and an exotic dancer who would you date?

119. How good are you in bed?

120. What is your favorite way to make love?

121. How much money would it take for you to sleep with someone you are not attracted to?

122. What do you consider to be the best part of being in a relationship?

123. Do you like lap dances?

124. Is there anything that you want me to do but afraid to ask?

125. What do you think about when you are making out with someone?

126. Are you more comfortable in the bedroom with someone who is more dominant or more submissive?

127. If you had a chance to go back and change one thing in your dating life, what would it be?

128. Have you ever done it over the video call?

129. How would you feel if I told you that I am attracted both to men and women?

130. What is the most daring thing that you have ever done in a bedroom?

131. What would you do if we were skinny dipping right now?

132. Are there any fantasies that you have never been able to fulfill?

133. What was your longest lovemaking session?

134. What kind of underwear do you wear?

135. What color is your bra?

136. What is your favorite movie to watch when cuddling on a couch?

137. When you make love, do you prefer it to be gentle, passionate, or rough?

138. How long have you been single?

139. What are your weaknesses when it comes to women?

140. What is your favorite color of underwear?

141. Do you like doing it in a shower?

142. If I was a fruit, which fruit would I be?

143. If today was your last day, what would you want to do with me?

144. Do you think that the first time should be special or can it be just a quickie like in the movies?

145. What would you want me to wear in a bedroom?

146. Have you ever broken up with someone because of incompatibility in a bedroom?

147. How would you try to attract me if we met in a bar?

148. What would you do to me if I were at your place?

149. How do you feel about public displays of affection?

150. What is your favorite way to be kissed?