texting between second and third date

Is Texting Between Second And Third Date Needed (+19 Game-Changing texts To Send)?

Wondering if texting between second and third date is needed? Let’s find out today!


Is Texting Between Second And Third Date Needed?

texting between second and third date
texting between second and third date

Yes, texting between second and third date is necessary because it helps build momentum and prepares you to meet each other again.

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The second date is frequently the most significant.

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how to find your soulmate

By nature, men are focused on appearance. You can determine whether you want to date her or have a sexual relationship with her with just one look at her Instagram or Tinder profile. Character, on the other hand, appeals to women more than appearance, and frequently, it will take her more than one date to assess the man.

Without a doubt, girls want a handsome man, but he must also possess all the traits she looks for in a partner.

The likelihood that a woman won’t ghost you increases if you click with her on the second date. Today, women have several options. She’s into almost everyone in her Tinder/Instagram DM, thus almost anyone may be a potential date. As a result, she won’t waste three dates on you unless she really likes you.

Relationship Tips

Girls dump guys so quickly that she might even dump you before you’ve even met, so keep your composure and try not to think about her ghosting you. She will probably be interested in a third date if the first two dates were enjoyable.

What transpired on the second date will have a significant impact on how you should approach the time between that date and the third. How? Read on.

If your second date was enjoyable, that means you made out, kissed, or engaged in sex—sex being the best result and making out being the worst (I’ll explain later).

Having kissed her

Assume the second date was successful. You enjoyed your time together for three to four hours, flirted with her for a few enjoyable minutes, and then kissed her good-bye when she made it clear that she wanted to be kissed. The female might offer you an opportunity to prove yourself in this situation. Think of the kiss as a sneak peek at potential future dates.

In this case, your strategy will be to set her up for the third date and ensure that she remains upbeat until you meet. Similar to how you texted her before she went out with you. Tease her, get to know her more, and then wait until she shows interest in you (by, for example, asking more personal questions, opening up to you, etc.) before asking her out again.

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You got cozy

This one I refer to as “the filter.” Making out with a girl without going any further is both the best and worst thing you can do on a date. The worst part is that for some girls, this indicates that you gave in and lacked the courage to take her home. But best because, if you were good, she would already consider you for a sexual relationship.

How do you learn?

Send her a text and be alert for any shifts in her demeanor. The same way you did before, start the conversation, and whenever you get the chance, attempt to tease her. After some mild intimacy, a girl will respond well to you if she still likes you.

Relationship Tips

But what if she treats you with a little coolness?

Do not approach her immediately away. Either re-engage her at a later time or try again with a playful comment or tease. At this point, attempting to ask her out prior to improving her mood will result in a resounding no that you cannot overcome. Ask her out once you feel she’s open to the idea and having fun (several text blocks, emojis, flirting with you, etc.).

However, if it appears that she won’t experience a change in mood any time soon, either go on or postpone re-engaging for a month or two. In these circumstances, time can be a great healer.

You had sex.

It will either make your life easier — maybe — or wreck your chances with her — like, forever — if you have sex on the second date since it polarizes the third.

This is how…

if the sex was enjoyable

If the sex was fantastic and you got her numerous Os, most girls will be all over you, which makes sense since who wouldn’t want to have more fun with a man who understands what to do in bed?

Send her a humorous gif or something else to make her think about that evening. Consider a gesture you made that she appreciated or anything she brought up in bed conversation (women are drawn to a man who remains attentive after sex). Ask for her schedule once she answers favorably, which she most likely will, and then book a third date.

2. If the sex was offensive

Well, it’s difficult to bounce back from a horrible date with a lady, especially if the sex was supposed to be the high point. Honesty is your greatest option in this case.

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Inform her that she didn’t appear to be having fun the last time, and that you felt a little uncomfortable (or exhausted), and that you now want to make up to her. It’s more like a 20/80 probability to get a third date with her (with 80 percent of the time being “No”), but attempting is still preferable to giving up.

If your second date was unremarkable:
If you still want to see her after a terrible date or something less than “memorable,” then:

Keep your expectations in check; if she’s attractive and has options, she’s probably texting about her next date right now.
Start over and pretend nothing horrible occurred. How? Look for every chance to start a playful conversation, be playful, and observe her response.

Relationship Tips

Don’t mention anything about your previous date or offer her an excuse not to see you again. Don’t grumble or even bring up the situation if you leaned in for a kiss and she gave you one of her cheeks instead.
Keep your composure and carry on as if nothing occurred. You amplify your errors and lose more credibility with her every time you worry about them.

Avoid all dry subjects and questions, tease her, be as charming as you can, and elicit her emotions once again before asking her out, and then hope that this time she’ll say yes.

Amount of time between the second and third dates

Remember that the more you wait, the less probable it is that you’ll get a date with a female, especially early on. Most girls won’t hold out for more than two weeks before moving on to another guy. They are not cruel. Simply put, you don’t have enough social standing with her to stick in her memory.

Unless you slept together, there’s no reason to wait too long to meet her. I generally schedule the third date with a girl before we kiss goodbye or the next day (at most), so disregard the alleged 3-day rule if you like her. It’s outdated and ineffective in the modern world.

If you’re unsure whether she’ll accept a third date

Plan the date for within four to seven days and text her every other day. The objective, as I mentioned earlier, is to demonstrate your sense of humor, so make sure your interaction with her is amusing. If possible, call or face-time her rather than text her. Compared to messaging you, girls are more sensitive this way.

If you’ve already shared a bed

Tease her and bring up your enjoyable time together. You could also try sexting to pique her interest or engage in some roleplaying over the phone. As you text her, you don’t need to be emotionally invested. Just preserve it for organising your next meet-up. Girls are typically more open after having sex, especially if they enjoyed it.

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If both of you are busy

The best course of action is to mark your calendar for when you can re-engage her, then go on with your life if neither of you can find time for a third date. Being desperate for a third date or acting needy in general is the worst thing you can do. Instead of pleading for her attention and potentially losing her for good, it’s best to start over a month or two later (and your self-respect too).

If you’re excited for your third date and you know your crush is too, think about sending them one of these 19 texts. Since they should be, why wouldn’t they?

You really are a jewel.

  • 1. “Next date is on me, it was great seeing you again!”
  • 2. “We should definitely do [*insert anything discussed on one of your first two dates*] next time,” you say.
  • 3. “Last night, you truly gave me a nice time, and I’m looking forward to round three.”
  • 4. It was a blast last night!
  • 5. “I still don’t understand [insert XYZ here].”
  • 6. “I came upon this and thought of you!”
  • I’m really excited for [*insert day of next date*]!
  • 8. When can we schedule date number three?
  • If you had a good time last night, raise your hand.
  • 10. “I’m curious to see how we try to top that second date, but I don’t know how we’re going to do it.”
  • 11. “I forgot to say, you looked fantastic tonight!”
  • 12. “[Thing one], “[thing two], and you being a great kisser are things I recall from our date last night.”
  • 13 “I visited that [*insert recommended coffee shop, bar, restaurant, etc.*] and I was ecstatic! Tell me if you have any more recommendations for me.”
  • 14 “Much appreciation for a lovely evening! It was flawless.”
  • 15. “Contemplating you.”
  • 16. I just wanted to let you know that I’m a thief and that I’m going to take your heart.
  • 17 “I’d rate last night an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. How are you doing?”
  • 18. Despite dozing off at my desk, I have no regrets.
  • 19. “Did you get home safely?”