29 Crucial Signs A Man Is Using You For Money

29 Crucial Signs A Man Is Using You For Money

There are Signs A Man Is Using You For Money and sometimes we cannot see that clear so today we are checking few of those signs and how to avoid this situation.


What Are The Signs A Man Is Using You For Money?

29 Crucial Signs A Man Is Using You For Money
29 Crucial Signs A Man Is Using You For Money

The Signs A Man Is Using You For Money is when you notice that he always wants to know about your income and he always share his financial struggles with you but deep down inside you, you know he is using you for your money.

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1. He takes care of the bills first.

They assert that one good deed merits another. A guy will be nice when you first meet him before starting to take advantage of your finances. Any bill that he can manage, he will volunteer to pay. Please understand that this does not imply that every man you meet who offers to pay your bills has ulterior motives.

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It implies that a man will only stay with you for the long term if there are financial advantages. In order to convince you to let down your guard and do business with him, he first charms you with his sympathetic and cordial gestures. He knows that in time, he will recover his investment.

2. He is constantly curious about your income.

A man who wants to take advantage of you financially would constantly inquire about your profession, career, investments, or anything else that will make you richer. He’ll make sure to bring up financial issues in the majority of your conversations.

He will take the time to compliment your efforts, your possessions (especially the expensive ones), and your ability to manage them well enough to be successful whether or not he is aware of how deep your wallet is. One of the telltale signals that a man is taking advantage of a woman is doing this.

Relationship Tips

3. You will learn about his financial struggles.

A proper way to start a request for assistance is with a sad tale. Naturally, it’s not a coincidence, and he’d prefer that you ignore him. He needs money and asks for your assistance. You are a living cash machine to him as far as he is concerned.

He can even claim to have misplaced his credit card and needs money right away. The purpose of these tales is to persuade you to release some money so your partner can carry out his intentions, even if he may not openly ask for the money.

4. Your gut will let you know.

You’ll be able to tell when something doesn’t feel right. However, you’re not paying it the proper attention or exercising proper observation. The same is true if you are dating a man who is solely interested in your money and how much it will bring him.

Try to pay attention to your interactions with your lover, including what you talk about, his actions, and how you feel. When you’re together, do you feel a connection or like it’s forced? Remember that conflicted emotions indicate that there is a problem someplace. You ought to examine it.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You
How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

5. He constantly struggles with money.

No matter how wealthy you are, financial problems are common, and men are not to blame for the crisis. However, even though you two are in a relationship, it is not your duty to solve all of his problems for him.

You may help him in small ways, perhaps agreeing to take up a sizable portion of it to lessen his burden. However, if he pressures you into doing everything for him or acts unappreciative of your efforts, that’s a warning sign from him and indicates that he’s a good digger.

6. His professional life won’t be as stable as yours.

A man is more likely to rely on you for financial support if his career is weak, he has a low-paying job, or he is unemployed. Being his support system is acceptable, but if he’s rude, he’ll take advantage of the circumstance.

Relationship Tips

If he prefers to live a more luxurious lifestyle, spends more than he earns, or leaves you in a position where you must handle his obligations, that will be clear. Because they know they can always turn to you, men like this make little to no effort to improve their financial situation, which won’t reflect well on you.

7. As the lender, you

In order to avoid any suspicion that he is using you, lending from you is a secure way for him to obtain money from you. If a man you assist with cash claims it was a mistake, he will return it; the purpose is to put you at ease so you can give him the amount of money he needs right now without asking too many questions.

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Of course, he might not pay back; he might pay only a portion or use other charming actions to distract you from the loaned funds. If you think he’s using you, this is one of the signs you should watch out for in your relationship.

8. He enjoys expensive and showy items.

Men who use women as a source of income never stick to their budget. They enjoy ostentatious items and demand payment from you whether you can afford it or not. They believe you should spend your money foolishly and purchase unnecessary expensive and flashy items.

A man who is using a woman as a means of exchange might recommend that the two of you go shopping, dine at one of the priciest establishments, purchase a showy vehicle, or suggest an expensive destination for a vacation. Even if he contributes, it won’t be much compared to what you’ll have to pay.

One of the telltale indicators of a man utilizing you for his financial gain is that he will gradually persuade you to support his essential needs without asking or making restitution. It takes time; he will research your approaches before bringing it up as a suggestion for you to support him until you agree.

He would persuade you to go with him to the movies, the store, and other activities that are on your agenda. If you’re not careful, you might sponsor his family and friends as well without realizing it.

10. endlessly requesting favors

Couples can ask one another for favors, but they shouldn’t do it all the time. There should be at least some circumstances where they each find a solution to their own issue. A man who is only with you for financial gain would constantly ask for favors. He might be honest if he knows you have a warm spot for him.

How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You
How To Get His Attention When He Ignores You

But if you’re difficult to get, he might resort to emotional blackmail. He always comes to you because he knows you adore him and would cross rivers to fulfill his request. You should be vigilant about this additional indication.

11. Little or no thought is given to your needs

In your relationship, do you feel isolated? That can indicate that your partner is only in it for the money. You need his attention because you are a human. Any person who approaches you for favors without considering your emotional state is only interested in taking advantage of you.

Relationship Tips

Here, there is a second trick. He might start by asking you how you’re doing so that you will be willing to accept his request for financial assistance. He wouldn’t show you any affection, despite the fact that you care about him, you’d notice. That man is only with you for financial gain.

12. Selfish concessions

Every healthy relationship requires unselfish adjustments from both parties. This refers to giving up something that will help one person without directly affecting the other. A man who wants to utilize your money will only make concessions that will benefit him if you are involved with him.

For example, if he knows you’ll fix his car if something happens to it while it’s in your care and you’ll pay for his cab ticket, he might let you use it while he takes a cab. He benefits from it, and it is evidence that he is a gold digger.

13. You begin paying all of your bills.

Sorting his and your bills, not just yours, is necessary in order to pay all the bills. While he does other small things to help you out, he’ll use comforting language to persuade you that you should support him until he can support himself financially.

Before you know it, you’re footing his phone, energy, and other bills without expecting a return. He might try to emotionally blackmail you into giving him presents even if he hasn’t asked for them. If you kept an eye out for this behavior, it would assist.

14. He won’t be susceptible to emotions

Any man who is with you will be there just for your financial benefit; he won’t have time for emotional support. He leaves as soon as he receives the money. He’ll always come up with a reason to be somewhere, with someone else, or deal with one of his many problems.

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He might utter a few words if you complain and suggest that he wants to go away so you can relax for a while. There won’t be anyone around to listen to you talk or to hear about your day. He won’t be there to share a joke with you or lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

15. Reasons that call for financial assistance

A man will make justifications you can’t refuse if he is using you to acquire more money for himself. He will claim he is almost successful in his work, objectives, or goals, but that he needs more money to put everything in its proper perspective.

Additionally, you’ll hear justifications like, “My automobile keeps causing me headaches. What do you think should change, in your opinion? No matter what counsel you give him at this point, he will still ask you for financial assistance to help him resolve the situation. Another red flag is that.

How To Get A Man To Want You
How To Get A Man To Want You

16. He’ll take your priceless items.

You can be sure that a man who is only interested in your financial support would take out loans against the majority of your valuable possessions to live a lifestyle he cannot afford. Anything unisex you own that he can borrow from you, including your automobile and credit card, is fair game.

Relationship Tips

He might or might not give them back. Most of these individuals won’t give you your belongings back. They maintain them on the grounds that since you two are dating, what is yours is also theirs. They will borrow whatever new item you purchase if they adore it, with or without your permission, and they expect you to be understanding.

17. No talk of a committed partnership is allowed.

Those who are in a relationship because of love talk about the future. They discuss their bright future as a pair, how to get there, and what they now lack as a couple. If you don’t do this when dating a guy, he will just be interested in your bank account.

However, some of them might pose as discussing it with you in order to achieve what they want. Thus you may observe their response when you tell him about your plans for the future. Any guy that cares about you would be eager to spend a lot of time with you. If he isn’t, it means he is only with you for your money.

18. He’ll act irresponsibly

The adage “you value things more when you pay for them” is well-known. When you don’t pay for goods with your own money and believe that someone else will fix them when they break, you are being careless with them. This is how a man who is only interested in your money will act.

Because he is not paying for the products or working for the money, he will treat them roughly or waste money. If something goes wrong, you are responsible for paying for it, and he will reassure you that it won’t be a big deal. It’s a tell that he doesn’t love you, no matter how tiny it may be.

19. No sweet nothings

Why don’t I make any romantic gestures? Only conditional ones will be made in order to lessen the pressure on you as we seek for more money from you. Men frequently utilize romantic gestures as a way to solicit favors from women since they are aware of this.

You won’t receive odd gifts, surprise dates, paid vacations, or breakfast in bed if you’re in a relationship with a man who is only interested in your financial worth. However, if you do, either they’re doing them with your money, or they’re preparing to ask for more. It is constantly conditional.

20. Your family members will inform you.

Your friends, family, and loved ones are among the people who will always have your back, particularly if you’re in a romantic connection. They have more acute vision than you do, therefore they would alert you if they noticed a guy’s red flag. They will help you know when to let go because you cannot see everything.

You’ll at least have one buddy who expresses dislike for the person you’re dating or dislikes the fact that you must take care of everything for him while he sits back and takes it all in. But only if you have a select group of people with whom you are comfortable sharing the majority of your private life.

21. Saying no will cause problems for both of you.

When you say no, your partner’s demeanor is another indication of whether or not they are with you for financial gain. If you tell a man you love him you’re shaky financially, he’ll understand. To get the money, he will find an alternative or work harder on his own.

Relationship Tips
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However, a man who solely values your money and disregards your feelings might become irate if you were unable to contribute financially. You could not realize he is with you for the money because he may be patient for a short while. But eventually you would argue, fight, or have some other kind of conflict in your relationship.

22. He is dishonest.

Men that take advantage of women financially have one thing in common: they are dishonest.

They will lie whenever it suits them and don’t give a damn about how you feel.

This occurs because males who exploit women for financial gain are forced to hide their actions since they are wrong.

Therefore, a man will be dishonest about it if he is using you for your money.

He can make an effort to conceal the fact that he is exploitation you or fabricate his financial situation.

He might also completely avoid discussing money-related topics.

23. Missing Respect

When making decisions with you, he won’t be interested in your thoughts or feelings if he doesn’t respect you.

He will treat you with little consideration or respect since he views you as nothing more than a means of earning money.

He might even disregard your abilities and believe that the only value you can provide for him is cash.

Relationship Tips

He can talk down to you or treat you like a lower person. He uses this as an excuse to take advantage of you.

24. Discusses his previous financial transactions

A man who is using you for financial gain will likely talk extensively about his former financial situation.

He’s probably using you for financial gain right now if he talks about all of his debt or all of the issues his finances have brought him in the past.

25. He has no personal funds.

He may not be interested in you for who you are if he constantly asks for money from you and never offers to pay even the smallest cost.

He finds it simple enough to be with someone who doesn’t expect anything in return, which enables him to retain all of his financial assets to himself.

26. He’s constantly requesting money.

A man who is simply concerned with getting your money will keep requesting more.

This guy never seems to have enough, whether he needs assistance with his rent or just needs a little additional spending money.

He accuses you of not loving him when you say no, too.

There is a significant indication that your boyfriend is using you if he is perpetually poor and begs for money.

27. He shows you a lot of love and attention at the beginning of your relationship, especially with gifts.

A slick talker is aware that the greatest method to win over a lady is to make her feel special and as though she is the only one who can fulfill his needs.

In order to get you hooked, he goes all out and buys you pricey dinners, picks up your dry laundry, and takes you on romantic excursions.

A guy who wants to get to know you won’t just give you presents all the time. He’ll want to spend time with you and learn more about your personality.

28. He Shops With You to Get What He Wants

One indication that he is using you as a means of acquisition is if you notice that every time he comes to visit, his eyes are fixed on everything in your home, and then the next thing you know, he is buying everything.

29. More time is spent at your house than at his own by him.

A man may be using you for financial gain if he spends more time at your home than at his own. Yes!

Just pause for a moment and consider, “Why does this man spend more time at my place than his own residence? It’s true that broke guys like to feel comfortable when they hang out.


A man who wants to get to know you won’t just give you presents all the time. He’ll want to spend time with you and learn more about your personality. A man may be using you for financial gain if he spends more time at your home than at his own.