platonic dating

Is Platonic Dating Worth It? (Bonus:How to Make it Work!)

Ever wondered if platonic dating is worth the effort? Let’s check if it today!

is platonic dating worth it?

platonic dating
platonic dating

platonic dating is worth it when you are not looking for commitment but just to meet someone and have good company.

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The definition of a platonic relationship has evolved through time, and it is sometimes questioned, particularly in male-female platonic partnerships. Understanding what a platonic connection is and how to maintain it can make the difference between losing a friend and having a long-lasting, healthy platonic friendship.


Platonic dating: What is it?

When two people who are typically not romantically involved with one another spend time together because they like each other’s company, this is referred to as platonic dating.

If I were to define platonic dating, there would be a number of things in common.

These are the standard components:

  • No sex is exchanged
  • No passionate physical contact
  • No sentimental feelings
  • no sexual arousal
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These characteristics define platonic dating and set it apart from other types of dating.

The important thing to remember is that there isn’t any sexual activity or romantic physical interaction (or attraction) between the two people. What may appear to be platonic dating to some people may be seen as romantic by others.

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The phrase “platonic love” was used by the Greek philosopher Plato to show how an attachment might exist without arousing arousal. It is possible to love someone without ever wanting to have a sexual or physical relationship with them.

Due to the fact that it was founded on friendship, Plato called this kind of love platonic.

Platonic Dating Is Possible?

A date can be platonic, yes.

Relationship Tips

When there is no sexual or romantic attraction between two people, a date can be platonic. Is it really a date, then? you may be thinking. That is a valid query. We now move on to definitions and semantics.

Even parents have been known to refer to outings with their kids as “Daddy-Daughter Dates” or “Mommy-Son Dates” when speaking with friends. There is no romantic interest or desire on these dates; they are platonic. In essence, it’s two individuals who like each other’s company spending time together in a situation that isn’t romantic and doesn’t involve any kind of physical attraction or sexual intent.

The only possible exception is if two asexual people decide to date one another. Although neither party experiences any romantic or sexual attraction, there is a romantic setting in this situation.

Asexuality: What is it?

The following traits describe an asexual individual. They have little to no desire for sex and are not sexually attracted to anyone of any gender or sex. If they have any desires at all, they are typically motivated by emotional connection with people rather than by physical interaction. Some asexuals go by the nickname “aces” to describe themselves in casual settings.

Platonic Dating Illustrations
Examples can be useful while trying to determine the answer to the question “Can dating be platonic?” There are numerous circumstances and places in which platonic relationships might take place.

Here are some instances of platonic relationships or platonic dating:

  • A “friend” date between two pals
  • On a first date, two individuals who don’t get along decide to merely be friends and rule out a sexual or romantic relationship in the future.
  • Relationship between a sugar mama and a sugar daddy
  • Two asexual people that are in a relationship
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If it takes place in particular contexts, such as at work or within family ties, dating can also be regarded as platonic.

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Are platonic friendships beneficial?

There are no ‘rules’ for platonic relationships per se, but they must include the following elements to be healthy:

In a platonic relationship, you are straightforward and honest.

Being open and honest with the individual you’re in a platonic relationship with is necessary for it to endure. The main distinction is that, unlike a romantic connection, you are never in danger of losing this person because they were never truly “with you” to begin with.

2. Recognize and respect others’ boundaries.

There are still boundaries in platonic relationships even though they may not pose the same danger as emotionally charged romantic ones. These boundaries exist, must exist, and are always present even if they are never explicitly discussed.

As your relationship grows, you will discover more about the boundaries you may and cannot cross. For instance, if you ever share a room, discussing whether you would share a bed is crucial to ensuring that no boundaries are inadvertently violated.

3. Expectations and pressure should never exist.

As a sort of follow-up to my second point, it’s crucial to not demand or expect more of the other person than you would from a usual buddy. The concept of “expectation” is the primary distinction between platonic and romantic relationships. When you’re in a romantic relationship, you hope that what is initially “just friends” will grow into something more. Your expectations are far lower in a platonic relationship (or platonic love), though.

In general, we are much more tolerant of platonic relationships than we are of romantic ones. Because there is significantly less emotional commitment and obligation, the connection is more simpler.

4. For platonic love to function, it must be selfless.

No of the situation or the course that your friend takes, platonic love compels you to desire the best for them. You encourage them to go after their goals because you want the best for them; any potential effects on your relationship are put second. Since there is no romantic emotions involved, there is much less emotional risk when doing this in a platonic relationship. For instance, it is entirely common for people who are married or in a relationship to have selfish tendencies on some level.

We want to maintain that harmony when we love someone. Even though what we’re doing isn’t in our best interests, it’s still in the interests of the two of us, thus this might prompt us to do actions that improve or sustain the connection. Your interests and desires as an individual frequently come second to a love connection.

Do platonic friendships last? Yes, provided that you both comprehend what is being said.
Because a platonic connection by definition excludes sexual intimacy, it is impossible to have a platonic sexual relationship. Having a sexual relationship with someone while not being “together” is possible, but that is not what a platonic relationship entails.

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We have a variety of romantic and platonic relationships as well as those in-between ones where we adore each other. There won’t be any ambiguities and the relationship will continue to move in the proper path if you can recognize these relationships and know how to credit them to certain people.

Relationship Tips

Platonic relationships show us how to cultivate enduring friendships without running the risk of losing them romantically. With platonic partnerships, there is less “baggage,” and you will find it simpler to confide in your platonic partner, particularly about any problems or worries you may have in your romantic connection.

When Is Platonic Dating Inapplicable?

Relationships that can’t be platonic are frequently those in which one party has always felt a romantic or sexual desire toward the other. Despite being concealed, these emotions are still present.

A relationship may no longer be regarded as platonic once one party begins to feel or show nonplatonic interests.

When someone says, “It’s not a date,” they can be attempting to maintain a platonic connection. It will never truly be platonic, though, if one person develops romantic sentiments for the other because they need that person’s intimacy.

Can One Experience a Platonic Crush?

A crush can indeed be platonic. Crushes that aren’t romantic come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Squish, man crush, or girl crush are terms used to describe platonic crushes. You may be familiar with the term “bromance,” which refers to the platonic connection between two heterosexual men. All of these examples of platonic attraction.

Even if a platonic crush is not romantic, the emotional connection can be just as strong.

Contrarily, a squish may be more emotionally involving than a true friend crush or even a non-sexual crush on someone you don’t know that well, such as a “celebrity crush” on a well-known someone.

For instance, due of their talent, I have a “writer crush” on Dean Koontz and Stephen King.

Can Platonically Inspired Love Exist?

You can fall in platonic love, that much is true.

Relationship Tips

I met a girl in college who later became a close friend. We got along pretty well and shared a lot of similar interests. She eventually turned into one of my closest pals. I came to the conclusion that my feelings for her were platonic one day. She was never my romantic partner, therefore the intensity of the sensations baffled me.

In actuality, neither of us had any interest in anything sexual or romantic.

Because these feelings were so strong, it took me a bit longer to realize that they were platonic. They didn’t, however, feel like the ones I typically identify with being in a romantic form of love when I looked at them more attentively.

Platonic dating: Is it unethical?

Is platonic dating possible? Indeed, but is it still unethical?

Platonic love is not a form of infidelity. The majority of close friends (of either gender) have a platonic, nonromantic love for one another. Even if it is not cheating, you might also feel platonic love for your family members.

Strong connections and feelings of intimacy may not always imply infidelity.

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But this does raise some relevant issues:

What distinguishes emotional infidelity from plantoic love?
Can a platonic embrace exist?
Can a platonic kiss exist?
What Sets Platonic Love Apart From Emotional Cheating?
The primary distinction between emotional adultery and platonic love is that the latter occurs when you are in a committed relationship with someone but yet harboring romantic feelings for someone else.

Therefore, intent, motivation, and attractiveness are what make the difference.

There is no sexual or romantic interest in platonic love.

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Is Snuggling Platonic?

Undoubtedly, but occasionally it might not seem that way.

Without any romantic overtones, two friends of either gender can snuggle. In certain cultures, this is really pretty typical behavior among friends of the same gender.

Two straight American girls are one instance. Girls typically sleep in the same bed, cuddle, and give each other the full sexual treatment.

Nevertheless, there is frequently no physical or sexual desire between the two girls. They just want to be physically near to each other to show platonic devotion.

Can a Platonic Kiss Exist?

Kissing can occasionally be entirely platonic. Friends and family members greet one another by kissing each other on the cheek in numerous cultures. Some relatives even give each other lips-on kisses.

I’m not referring to making out or french kissing, which are categorically not platonic.

It actually depends on the kind of kissing involved, the culture, and the situation.

For instance, two actors could act out a love scene where they smooch each other passionately and act as though they are attracted to each other sexually. Even this, though, is fairly arbitrary.

This four-minute The Real film offers a variety of viewpoints on platonic relationships and friendships. It’s really worth seeing because there are a variety of intriguing opinions on “Can dating be platonic?”

Is it Possible to Have a Platonic Relationship?

A platonic connection can develop in a romantic one.

Relationship Tips

Given that my first marriage became platonic, I am well aware of this. We raised two kids together for years while living together, and eventually got divorced.

Our children have brought us into one other’s life right now. Our conversations are solely platonic because neither of us is at all interested in a romantic relationship.

Sometimes individuals who were once in a love relationship do wind up becoming friends (as in my case). In such cases, the ex-lovers are likely to feel and expect differently than they did while they were romantically together. The two lovers might no longer desire the same kind of union as previously and desire to split ways without shedding too many tears.

After a romance ends, a lot of different things might happen between two people. They might share a friend circle, have children together, or go to the same hangouts (i.e. bars, restaurants, gyms, and more).


When two people who are not romantically involved with one another spend time together because they like each other’s company, this is referred to as platonic dating. Understanding what a platonic connection is and how to maintain it can make the difference between losing a friend and having a long-lasting, healthy friendship. No sex is exchanged.