I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts

I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts (What to to about It)

Have you ever felt: I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts? Have you ever experienced the emotional wave that says, “I miss my boyfriend so much it hurts physically”?


I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts

I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts
I Miss My Long Distance Boyfriend so Much It Hurts

To have them there with you, even for for a moment, would be worth anything.

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Anything to spend time with them, hear their voice, and experience their warm hugs.

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When you commit to a long-distance relationship, these intense feelings are unavoidable. And occasionally the emotions can become so intense that you become entirely unproductive.

What to do when you miss your lover is covered in the following advice and suggestions.

Inform your partner that you’re lonely

You’d be shocked at how much simpler things could be if you just talked about your worry surrounding long-distance relationships.

Relationship Tips

Not only does telling your lover that you’re missing them make them feel unique and appreciated, but it also provides them a chance to show you how much they care.

The line between understandable yearning and stalker-like conduct is thin, though. You are probably overdoing it if you send more than one “I miss you” SMS per hour.

The main issue facing couples in long-distance relationships is missing one another. It is a fact. Couples who live apart must deal with this. Believe me, you are not alone. Every day, at least once, someone tells me, “I miss my long-distance boyfriend so much it hurts.”

What then do you typically do to address this issue?

You read advise online, but you don’t actually take it to heart.
When you ask your lover for the miraculous treatment, he is helpless and helpless-feeling.
You try to cover that awful void of absence by putting things in place, but they don’t really work.
It’s difficult to hear, but it’s the truth.

Not becoming heartless like a stone golem is the answer. That would be unaffordable.

You must first comprehend how you respond to this lack-based feeling. Knowing what works and what doesn’t on you is important.

I’m done now.

Relationship Tips

I’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need in this article so you can quickly determine which approaches are best for you.
Depending on what works for you, I’ll give you one of two lists of seven immediate actionable tips.

Why most LDR couples struggle with withdrawal

Long-distance relationships frequently end up being passive in the face of withdrawal’s unpleasantness. Many LDR couples make the traditional error of assuming that it would ultimately go away on its own.

Have you ever had a friend tell you that in the previous few days, they had been paralyzed with dread on the fourth story of their building, but that suddenly, they were no longer sensitive to heights?

Or an arachnophobe who can now suddenly and for no apparent reason hold a mygale from the Amazonian forest in his hand? (I’ve actually seen these in person, and they are enormous)

Fighting against a shortage is like fighting against one’s instincts. It has already been lost. Lack of sensation is a completely natural and human emotion.

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I won’t lie to you: this absence will always be there. You’ll have to develop coping mechanisms for it.

Lack functions much like fear, in fact. Do you believe that experienced base jumpers have no fear before jumping off a cliff?

Organize a Skype date

A terrific and practical approach to stay in touch with your long-distance lover is through phone calls and text messages. But with time, it could get boring and seem a little dispassionate.

Video calls can be used in this situation. When it comes to taming longing and emptiness, seeing your partner—even through a computer screen—makes all the difference in the world. So arrange that Skype meeting now.


Exercise has several benefits for those in long-distance relationships. By flooding your body with happy hormones from your brain, it is a fantastic technique to get rid of stress and sadness. It also serves as a beneficial diversion from the overwhelming feelings of fear and loneliness.

Relationship Tips

If you’d like, you could make it a time for you and your partner to hang out while keeping your training schedules in sync.

Establish a routine

In the midst of your loneliness and long-distance blues, you have likely noticed your mind straying and focused on the negative. This can happen if we spend too much time thinking about certain things.

Maintaining a busy schedule is the greatest method to combat depression brought on by long-distance relationships. By giving you a sense of control and gratified expectation, establishing a routine aids in your well-being.

Make a gift for your partner.

This is a great technique to focus any positive energy you are able to muster. To show them how much you care for them, write them a poem or a passionate love letter. As a romantic gesture, you may also put together a care box to present to them.

Although it may be a gift for them, you will also get to enjoy it.

Permit yourself to experience melancholy

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling depressed when your lover is gone for an extended period of time. Having occasional breakdowns when things become a little too much to take is normal.

The greatest approach to deal with those emotions is to let yourself experience them. Just try not to think about the sadness too much.

Instruct him to send a photo

Asking your guy to give you a photo of his most recent activity is another thing you may do when you miss your long-distance partner.

Anything from a selfie in the gym mirror to a photo of his dinner might be included. That will enable you to feel close to him and present while he conducts his business.

Observe Good Mental Health

Long-distance relationships demand a lot of you in terms of time and resources. Most people don’t know that relationships, which are frequently stressful, can also be dangerous for their mental health.

Relationship Tips

When you experience extreme loneliness in a long-distance relationship, it is imperative that you take care of your mental health.

To keep oneself occupied and moving forward, find a hobby or new talent. Put your efforts towards forming new connections. Additionally, there is no shame in seeking professional assistance during your darkest hours.

Possess gratitude

You have a lot to be thankful for, even though it may not feel that way right now. You love your lover, and he loves you back. You have the tools necessary to maintain contact and the relationship. You will undoubtedly discover many things to be thankful for in your personal life as well if you search long and hard enough.

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The best method to beat the long-distance blues is to choose to concentrate on the good vibes. It provides you with fresh insight and optimism, both of which you unquestionably need!

Obtain A Hobby

Taking up a pastime is conceivably the finest option when trying to decide what to do when you miss your boyfriend.

Your frustrations will have a place to go if you engage in a hobby. Additionally, it will enable you to utilize your downtime effectively. In this manner, you will not be unproductive enough to think about him constantly.

There are a few things you could do:

exercising in a gym
playing an instrument while learning
taking part in a team sport, such as basketball, soccer, or swimming
Spend time with your family and friends.
You can surround yourself with people who adore you just as much as your partner by participating in this activity. Most of the time, this is sufficient to deceive your brain into thinking it is receiving what it so urgently desires. So schedule a dinner date with your parents or a girls’ shopping outing. It will be really helpful.

Think about sharing a room.

Making sure there is always someone around when you get home will also help you to overcome your loneliness. You won’t be alone all the time if you have a roommate because you’ll have someone to chat with and hang out with. You may get your sweetheart a ticket with the extra money as well. Win-win.

Or Purchase A Pet

Consider having a pet if sharing a space with a roommate is not your style or is not an option. By allowing you to communicate with a fellow living creature at home, it will also lessen your sense of isolation. Although your animal friend might not respond, talking to them is still preferable to talking to yourself.

Relationship Tips

Schedule a future date or gathering.

By organizing your next hangout, you can also get rid of your boyfriend blues. It might be a planned virtual date via the internet where you get to watch a film or play a game. Another option would be for one of you to see the other in person. This preparation will make you want to see him and will distract you from how miserable you are feeling.

Maintain Your Busyness

Keep yourself active because the devil loves to play in an idle mind! Here are some daily activities you might try out in addition to the hobbies and new talents you could pick up.

Take a stroll

Organize and tidy up your home.
Prepare your preferred food.
Work on your projects, whether they are for the office or a school assignment.
Open a book.
Stream LDR music
Participate in a charity
Phone him
Sometimes all it takes to lift your spirits is to hear your loved one’s voice. Call him on the phone and pay attention to what he has to say about his day or his job. Set up a video conversation with him so you can admire his beauty while he waxes lyrical about his friend Jim. You’ll feel better for sure after that.

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Five uplifting ideas to avoid withdrawal

Positive ideas offer three outstanding benefits:

They happen immediately.

They are simple to use and accessible to everyone
Utilizing the five ideas I’ll list below will help you immediately stop worrying about your partner’s absence.

These thoughts will stop you from thinking about smoking, if I were to compare you to a smoker trying to quit. However, if you are already considering it, they won’t help you resist the impulse. The final two paragraphs will contain the solution to this issue. See the distinction? fantastic, let’s get going!

1) Keep in mind the next time you encounter

You’ll have a purpose and a direction. In your partnership, you’ll be driven and tenacious. It’s crucial to keep this date in mind if you want your long-distance relationship to succeed and if you want to fend off withdrawal. You can estimate it as: by year’s end, in three months, or in 2023… Yet it must be real.

2) Consider all the benefits you enjoy as a result of your partner’s absence.

There are many: the chance to travel, the time you can spend by yourself, the long-term strength of your partnership, etc. You have to consider the gap as a chance.

Relationship Tips

Relativize: physical distance is transient.

Definitely the hardest idea to put into practice. The purpose of a long distance relationship is for it to continue as such. We can all agree on that. So take a deep breath in, exhale slowly, and consider the bigger picture. Distance is ephemeral.

No LDR couples I am aware of intend to continue their distance relationship forever. Why not? because they are not real.

4) The sense of lack is evidence of love.

Jealousy is another. When you start missing your companion, be concerned! We don’t give it enough thought, yet occasionally bad emotions can signal positive thinking. Yes, that is exactly what is happening.

5) Make the departing day less traumatic

I came to the conclusion that the time when I missed the other person the most was immediately following a physical separation after reading posts on the Internet that began with « I miss my long distance partner ». When you consider it, it makes sense.
The recent nature of the events keeps them fresh in our thoughts. We don’t think we’re as tough as we are to face the distance once more.


I really miss him. You won’t stop saying these until you’re in a long-distance relationship. But with all the advice provided above, you ought to be able to escape the dreary gloom.

The most important things are to keep yourself busy and learn to value everything you currently have. And when distance makes it difficult, keep in mind that your circumstance is temporary.

You will eventually be together, and you won’t ever have to part ways. Besides every day when you both head out for work!