How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text

How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text

How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text. This article will teach you:

What to text a guy to make him enamored with you.
Pre-written texts that have been proven to work well when copied and sent.
How to contact a man and easily flirt with him (flirty and seductive texts waiting for you below in this article).
How to keep a guy engaged in text and prevent being ghosted.
The K.I.S.S. approach and a guy’s perspective on texting.
There are a total of 17 tips for texting guys on social media.
The majority of women have no idea how or what to text a man to keep him interested.


How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text

How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text
How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text

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how to find your soulmate

If you fancy a guy and you can only communicate with him through text messages, that’s fine.

Of course, you should always try to meet up with him in person. That is far more significant than the messages you send.

Continue reading if, for any reason, you can only communicate with each other by text messages.

Relationship Tips

I’ll share my 17 top flirting tips, as well as the secrets to messaging and attracting guys, in this article. Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and other comparable services are all affected.

It doesn’t matter which platform you use. It all boils down to one thing: how to make him swoon over you via SMS.

The 20 Texting Guy Secrets that Will Make Him Fall in Love With You

Let’s get started…

1. Let’s begin with the sassy text.

This sarcastic text was the first to make him fall in love with text messages. Be distinct, be unique, and express something unexpected about yourself. Men are drawn to women who are intriguing.

Here’s an example of a sarcastic text you may send to a guy:

“I awoke early this morning but opted to drive to the beach to watch the dawn.”

Relationship Tips

This demonstrates that you are not like the majority of individuals who prefer to stay in bed. It also shows that you’re determined and a little daring. This is seductive without attempting to be so.

Texting a man like this is helpful because it relieves him of the need to always take the initiative and be creative. This convinces him that you might be able to make a difference in his life. It makes you more intriguing and interesting.

Make sure you’re not lying when you advertise. Don’t pretend to be doing something you aren’t, such as skydiving. Lies catch up with us, and they’re never a nice way to start a relationship.

2. After that, move on to the adorable text.

Send him a sweet quick text about something you’re doing when he’s not around to share it with him. Send him a lovely and amusing message to let him know you’re thinking about him even when you’re not together.

Men enjoy being the center of attention. And, while he may never admit it, he adores the fact that you think about him when you’re apart.

Too many women discourage men while, in reality, most guys require greater support.

Here’s an example of a sweet text message:

“Just thinking about you makes me smile all day.”

This is unquestionably a winner. This type of text reassures him that he’s made an impression and that you’re still thinking about him. This type of content appeals to a man’s heart and ego without being overtly complimentary. Whatever you hear, males enjoy a little self-indulgence. Even if they don’t show it, they want to know they’re the best.

Men also enjoy cuteness. Period. It’s one of those things that gives them the feeling of being strong and capable of taking on the world.

Relationship Tips

Just be careful not to over-flatter him. Consider drip feeding rather than sloppy overfeeding.

If you brag too much about how great he is, he might think you’re weird and have high expectations.

3. You’re now ready for the amusing and unusual text.

To put it another way, laughter makes the heart grow fonder. You can win him over if you can make him laugh.

If you’re wondering how to make a guy laugh over text, let me tell you that pretty much anything goes; as long as it’s hilarious to you, you’ll be OK.

Here are a few examples of “fun facts” texts you could send:

“I just heard that sneezing with your eyes open is impossible.”
“Did you know that chewing gum while peeling onions helps you avoid crying?” Do you want to give it a shot? ”
“This seems a little weird.” What is referred to as a French kiss in the English-speaking world is referred to as an English kiss in France.”

Humor may be really effective in establishing a relationship with a man. The route to anyone’s heart, including yours, is through their sense of humor.

4. Now it’s time to get to the meat of the matter: the text.

In the digital age, this is a hot classic. The straightforward text shows him that you’re a no-nonsense lady who isn’t afraid to say what she wants rather than waiting for the man to make all the decisions.

Here’s an example of a text that’s direct to the point:

“I simply wanted to let you know how much I admire you.” “That’s it.”

Relationship Tips

The majority of men despise wasting time. They admire and value a woman’s directness and self-assurance. By periodically taking the lead, you’re demonstrating to him that you’re a capable woman who can give your fair share to the relationship.

Yes, you like it when he takes the lead, and he enjoys it as well. He also appreciates a woman who is interested in him and doesn’t want him to prove himself at every opportunity.

When you do anything from the heart, he will be grateful.

In fact, if a woman does not reciprocate after weeks of phoning and messaging, a male is likely to lose interest. Men believe that a woman who does not reach out is either uninterested, lacking in confidence, or playing games.

These men want to be a co-pilot in their lives, not a passenger.

Now that you know what kind of texts to send a man to get his heart racing for you, here are a few more sophisticated texting strategies to consider.

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5. Make your messages more presumptive.

You might be wondering what this means, especially because most of us have been taught not to make assumptions about others.

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This is, however, magic in the realm of texting.

If you want to meet up with the guy instead of waiting for him to ask you out, you might send him a text message that implies you already know he’d love to come along.

Relationship Tips

Consider the following example of an assumptive text:

“I just found out about the best new Netflix series. Tonight, let’s watch it together! ”

Because you’re expecting he’ll say yes and approaching him with complete confidence, this is appealing and tempting to a guy.

This will make him happy, and you may use this type of flirty text for anything you want to do together.

6. Never send a text message that is lengthier than necessary.

Consider texting him via SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, or Snapchat as a route to meet him in person.

Don’t waste months exchanging messages with someone you’ve never met in person.

What you actually want to do is make it easy for him to ask you out right away.

You do this by dropping clues at him.

For example, here are some texts you can send to a guy:

“I’ve wanted to visit that museum for a long time.”
“I heard that bar was a lot of fun.”

Relationship Tips

Just give him a few little chances to say:

“How about we go there together?” says the narrator.

Don’t be alarmed if he doesn’t get these indications.

You can always say anything like: if it takes too long.

“I genuinely think getting to know each other by text is a tad impersonal; how about we just meet up?”

It’s not a bad idea to come up with your own ideas.

At the very least, try to avoid trading messages for months on end.

7. Come up with a ‘inside joke’


When messaging a guy, this is one of the best flirting strategies you can do; a joke like that makes your text messages feel much more genuine.

Consider this scenario: you went on a date to the petting zoo, and while you were there, he cracked a joke about goats.

“Take a look at those goats! They come in all different shapes and sizes!”

Of course, as a wise woman, you lack such a sheepish sense of humour.

But let’s assume you find it amusing and haven’t abandoned your sheep because of the clever wordplay.

So, let’s pretend you’ve been in a situation like that, where you and your partner both burst out laughing.

Then mentioning it in your text messages is a great idea.

(You can make fun of him by calling him “the family’s black sheep” or “a wolf in sheep’s clothes.”)

It’s an inside joke that only the two of you will get;

This is referred to as a “internal joke.”

The thing I like about this is that it creates a sense of us versus the rest of the world.

So when you bring it up again over text, he feels instantly more connected to you (only now in a different context).

8. Make it a little difficult.


Men live for the chase, and we’re always looking for a new challenge.

It’s not as exciting to obtain anything when there’s no effort involved, and let’s be honest, you’re probably not as interested in men who are too available and have no standards, and you’d rather have a man who is a bit of a fight to get.

Men are the same way: if something is too simple, it isn’t very interesting.

As a result, if you make things too simple for him, he’ll quit chasing you.

That is, he loses interest in you and becomes bored with you.

We won’t let it get that far, though, because you can easily prevent it by not making it so simple for him.

How do you go about doing this?

In your messages, challenge and test him.
When he asks you out and you’re already booked, don’t cancel your plans for him.
Don’t respond to all of his messages in five seconds; see tip #11.
When you wake up, don’t text him the first thing you do.
Before you go on a date with him, get to know him; by forcing him to talk about himself, he will have to invest more time and effort in you.

These are some tried-and-true methods for making him want you over text.

9. Show that you care about him.


It’s lot easier to pique a guy’s interest in you if you show interest in him first… rather than trying to persuade him of your superiority.

It’s like Dale Carnegie once put it:

“Talking to a man about the things he values most is the royal way to his heart.”

Dale Carnegie said it best:

So, ask questions (about him) and connect them with statements (I’ll show you some instances later).

Also, don’t text him this every morning:

“Hey, did you get a good night’s sleep?”

You should try to avoid queries like these as much as possible.

Instead, ask him interesting questions that will help you get to know him better.

Here are a couple of samples to get you started:

What are some things you’d like to do more of this year?
Which of your habits are you most proud of?
Is there anything about you that you’d like everyone to know?

With these types of inquiries, you demonstrate that you care about him and make the conversation more enjoyable.

And, if you really want to nail it, you should mix in some assertions with the questions.

Making flirting with a guy by text entertaining, challenging, and playful is the key to success.

Here are some amazing examples of how to text flirt with a guy.
You appear to be the type of guy my father would despise;)
You don’t appear to be someone who would be followed into combat by other men;)
You don’t seem to know how to save an innocent princess from a burning building;)

These texts reinforce his masculinity.

And, by doing it this way, you avoid the dialogue turning into a tedious interview.

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10. Excessive use of smileys should be avoided.

I just met a woman I really liked, and instead of leaving it at that, I decided to add her to my Facebook friends list.

And then we began chatting on Messenger.

Then something happened that irritated me greatly.

Her communications were riddled with odd acronyms and smileys.

And I’m not the only one who thinks these things are too infantile; many men believe the same thing.

It would be a shame if you missed out on a fantastic guy because of something you could simply avoid.

It’s amusing to discover the button that allows you to send him the most bizarre smileys, but please don’t use it.

This turns off more men than there are men who believe:

Oh, wow, she’s cute and uses a lot of smileys.

So that’s all there is to it.

11. Stay away from dull or highly charged issues.


Chatting is supposed to be enjoyable, so stay away from serious themes and deep emotional discussions at all costs.

The following are some topics to stay away from at all costs:

a former boyfriend

It’s not a good idea to talk to a guy about these kinds of things once you get to know him.

But you’ll want to avoid it much more when it comes to text.

Because it just leads to misinterpretations.

You can’t read someone’s face and decipher what they’re saying through writing.

When he isn’t being sarcastic, you could assume he is, and vice versa.

To avoid such misconceptions, it is far preferable to discuss these issues in person, and only when absolutely necessary.

12. “I’ve never done…”

Now, before you say, “Wait a minute,” consider this:

Hey, this looks remarkably like a drinking game I used to play; it’s the same same game, just with text instead of graphics (and without alcohol).

When you’re texting with a guy, it’s a fun game to play, and one of the best flirty texts you can send him is,

“This is the first time I’ve ever swum naked.”

You can ask him another inquiry if he responds that he has.

…But if he says he’s never done anything like that before, it’s his turn.

This method of messaging is more fascinating, and you’ll learn some of the most bizarre anecdotes about each other, so if you want to flirt with him on Whatsapp (or whatever platform you’re using), this is a great way to do it.

13. Seek his opinion.


I support women’s rights, but there is one minor aspect of the feminist movement that I find sad.

And those are just a few of the concepts they’re spreading around the globe.

Some women, for example, believe that they do not require the company of a man.

To some extent, this is correct.

But here’s something I’d want to tell you…

A close friend of mine just met a 25-year-old kiss virgin who became involved in the MeToo movement during her adolescence.

Because of how she was affected, that lovely woman has never kissed a man in her 25 years, and she is stunning…

She realized she had been missing out on life and questioned what she had been thinking…

Let’s be honest…

Men require women, and women require men.

The most hurtful aspect of this notion is that some women now feel compelled to do everything on their own.

Here are a few examples:

He gives her counsel, which she disregards.
He wants to pay the bill, and she says she’ll split it with him.
He offers to assist her in carrying a large shopping bag, but she declines and undertakes the heavy lifting herself.

…and so forth.

The issue is that if you consistently refuse to do these things (asking him for advice, allowing him to assist you, or paying the bill, for example), he will not feel appreciated because…

A man wants to help you with your problems.

And refusing his assistance is like to rejecting his affection.

It’s like telling him you love him for the first time, and he says, “I don’t care.”

This is something I’m sure you wouldn’t like.

He also doesn’t like it when you refuse to let him assist you.

That is why it is critical to remind him that you require his assistance from time to time (even though that is not really the case).

So, every now and again, text him for advise and give him the impression that he’s required.

If you do this, he will instantly like you more.

14. Give him a compliment

When you touch a man’s ego, it’s easy to make him fall for you.

This is something that any man can benefit from.

Complimenting him is an easy approach to stroke his ego.

Is it really that simple?

The fact that males rarely receive compliments is one of the reasons they work so well.

If you offer him some, though, he will immediately feel better about himself.

Guess who he’ll associate that nice sensation with?

You are correct.

Compliments are a simple technique to get a man’s attention, both in person and by text.

So, every now and again, email him a praise, such as if he has a new photo on Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram.

It’s a modest gesture that has a great impact.

10. Tell yourself to STOP.


It’s not always a good idea to send a message to a guy you’re interested in.

What exactly are those instances?

First and foremost, I’m grateful you inquired.

I’m not sure if you drink alcohol on a regular basis.

But I’m well aware that sending messages when inebriated is a bad idea.

So that’s something you’ll want to stay away from.

Is that it?


Also, exchanging messages when you’re (very) emotional isn’t a good idea.

It’s preferable to force oneself to STOP in these situations.

By the way, as I already stated, discussing hard and too serious topics over the phone is never a smart idea.

Simply don’t send messages if you’re inebriated (from alcohol or strong emotions), since this will prevent you from sending messages you’ll come to regret later.

15. Don’t reply to his texts in less than 5 seconds.


Men want to hunt, as we indicated in tip #3.

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Right, we want to make an effort for you (even if we pretend we don’t).

It’s also stupid since we don’t value you if we can’t bother “getting” you.

We’ll quickly lose interest if we don’t value you.

This is, once again, a colossal blunder.

However, it is still vital.

On the other side, how would you feel if, on your first date, a guy said to you:

“OK, I’d like to marry you and have three children with you.”

Wouldn’t you run screaming if you were in such situation?

That’s how a guy feels when he doesn’t think you’re worth anything.

So, how does this relate to SMS messages?

So, if you respond within 5 seconds every time he sends you a message, you’ll come across as incredibly easy, and your value will be diminished.

Respond to his messages when you have the time; don’t make replying to him a priority above your own schedule.

16. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

No, I’m not referring to the iconic rock band KISS.

I was alluding to the abbreviation K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid).

To put it another way, “Keep It Short and Simple.”

It’s something you’ll want to incorporate into your messages, regardless of platform.

Because of the way guys think about texting, keep it brief and uncomplicated.

This is because men regard communication as a means of exchanging knowledge.

This is how guys feel about texting:

When two guys are chatting to one other, you’ll notice that they’re continuously swapping data, as this type of communication is centered on the requirement that everything be brief and accurate.

If you don’t make it obvious what you’re trying to say to him via text, he’ll be puzzled right away, and this misunderstanding will happen much faster through chat.

To put it another way, K.I.S.S.

17. Use intriguing language in your messaging


Skip this one if you haven’t slept with each other.

It’s fun to send him an excited message now and again if you’ve been intimate.

To put it another way, sexting (sex + texting).

You make him think about you sexually through sexting.

Below is an example of how to seductively flirt with a guy over text.

“Hey, I was thinking about you today in the shower,” says the narrator.

The great part about this message is that he may interpret it whichever he wants, making it a wonderfully innocent approach to flirt with him sexually.

18. Stay away from daily updates


You’ve probably heard me say it before, but communication is a mechanism for males to exchange knowledge.

When two men are conversing, they are continually sharing information.

Even when a man is conversing with a lady, he will be thinking:

“Since she’s telling me about her day at the office, I’ll tell her about mine.”

When we communicate to a lady, two issues frequently arise since men are extremely simple beings…
You’re giving us too many facts if you tell us the whole narrative.
We don’t understand anything if you tell us a story with no “meaning.”

The first difficulty is something that most women are aware of on their own, while the second is something that they are still learning about.

For instance, suppose you send him a message that says:

I just finished eating pasta and am completely stuffed.


Today, a coworker called in ill, so I now have to work twice as hard.

Then he says something like:

So, what exactly am I expected to do with this?

He doesn’t see any facts with which he can act, thus it’s best not to send him this kind of message at all.

He is likely to respond coldly or not at all because he is unsure how to react to this, which will make you feel much worse.

Avoid this by not sending these types of texts, and if you want to hit on a guy via text, follow these guidelines:

19. Less is more in this case.


Okay, communication is essential in any relationship.

However, some women are guilty of sending a man too many texts.

(You’ve been caught red-handed if this describes you.)

It’s also true that the type of communication you send matters a lot: “I’m looking forward to tonight” is a lot better than “What are you doing right now?”


Unless you’ve been dating for a long time, sending a man a lot of messages is never a good idea.

Even if he first enjoys it, he may one day wake up and think:

I believe everything is moving too quickly.

These kinds of thoughts might creep into a man’s head at any time, leading him to believe that you’re not the ideal person for him or that he suffers from commitment anxiety.

So, especially in the beginning, take it easy.

This keeps him from becoming irritated by you while also saving you time. It’s a win-win situation.

16. Don’t be pessimistic.

I understand that you aren’t constantly in a good mood.

(… Everyone has days when things don’t go as planned.)

But, let’s be honest, when you first start dating, you want to present yourself in the best light possible.

So, even if you’re having a horrible day, sending him a kind note is a wonderful idea.

Alternatively, if you’re in a bad mood, don’t send him anything until you’re feeling better.

You’ll want to leave out difficulties at first.

You can bring this up if something unfortunate has occurred (such as the death of a family member).

However, you don’t want to worry him with work-related issues or comparable scenarios, especially over the phone or over text.

This isn’t going to go over well with him.

When you’re in a relationship, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to discuss these topics (in person), but for now, keep it lighthearted through text and when you meet up.

20. Text flirt in the same way you would in real life.


You most likely already have some flirting experience under your belt that has proven to be fruitful in the past.

When you’re texting with a guy, everything that works in real life also works in texting.

The manner in which you communicate may vary, but the fundamentals remain the same.

How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text
How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text

If you were wondering How To Get A Guy To Like You Over Text, now you know!

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