31 beyond-doubt Signs He Caught Feelings

31 Beyond-doubt Signs He Caught Feelings

There are many Signs He Caught Feelings for you but what are the ones that are super obvious? Today we are looking into those signs.

I find men to be lovely, and interesting beings. I love men! That love and curiosity grow when they’re catching feelings. That’s when things get interesting.

When he’s catching feelings for you, or when he already caught feelings and those are some pretty strong feelings he has for you, he’ll be changing your view on men if you have a negative one. Trust me, you’ll know.


What Are The Signs He Caught Feelings?

31 beyond-doubt Signs He Caught Feelings
31 beyond-doubt Signs He Caught Feelings

The Signs He Caught Feelings are when he is willing to do anything with you out of the blue, He tries to kiss you, he becomes very protective of you and generally treat you with special care than others.

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1. He’s willing to do ‘nothingness’ with you

If you want to see how he feels about you, check if he’s willing to do ‘nothingness’ with you.

‘Nothingness’ as in to not have a certain purpose to why you’re meeting today. You’re out, or you’re inside, you’re just spending time together, doing nothing.

Relationship Tips

He’s appreciating and cherishing your presence, without a particular ‘excuse’ to spend time with you. Each other’s presence is a good enough excuse to meet up and do nothing together.

2. He’s not in a rush for sexy times.

When he catches feelings he’ll be sexually attracted to you, but that won’t be the main thing that attracts him. Hence, he won’t rush anything, he’ll spend time with you and won’t pressure you into sex. [FYI: nobody has the right to pressure you into sex]

3.Kissing, kissing, kissing.

You’ll be covered by his… mouth fluids if you will. When his feelings are strong, his need to feel you closer to him will be strong too. That’s why he’ll take every chance he gets to feel your lips against his.

4.He wants to hang out pretty often.

It feels like I’m describing a needy, close to the perfect person, but no. I’m describing a man, a guy, that his feelings for you. Hear me out, you’ll know when he’ll respect your space, but he’ll also take every chance he gets to hang out with you.

5. He can’t take his eyes off you – Not just looking, it’s staring

Hey Siri! Play that song by Frankie Valli, you know the one that makes you scream “I love you, baby!!”

Well, love takes time, but still, we can play that song, because when he’s got strong feelings for you, indeed, won’t be able to take his eyes off you. He’s catching feelings, strong feelings and they’ll be quite visible when he looks at you.

He’s into his feelings, he’s joyful around you, he’s grateful to be in your presence.

Relationship Tips

When a guy has feelings for you, strong feelings, it’ll be clear from the glow of his eyes when he looks at you, you’ll know. It’s like he’s already telling you. His entire body is telling you, giving you signs.

When he’s catching feelings you can tell by the way he lights up when you enter the room, by the way, that your presence affects him.

He can’t wait to see you again.

He will find a way to tell you that, directly or indirectly. You’ll notice him being super excited to meet you. He might even tell you he missed you.

3. “I called you to hear your voice”

When he catches feelings, he’ll be thinking about you a lot. A LOT! And he’ll be longing for your presence, especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. He’ll call you because he wants to hear your voice, to hear you smile, hear you talk. He’s mesmerized.

4.He’ll feel the need to be in touch with you.

He’s catching feelings for you, you’re on his mind, and he’s going to do something about it. He will call, he will text, he will be caring and kind with his words. If it is obsessive calling and texting, that’s something to worry about; and I’m not joking.

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5. He’s providing & protective

Men in their feelings are such lovely beings. A man that has feelings for you is supportive, providing, and protective. Almost, almost everything the movies described it’d be.

He worries when you’re not feeling your best.

He’s there when you need someone when you’re sick, or he asks extra questions when you tell him you’re not feeling well, he cares and worries about you. He makes sure you’re ok.

6.Respect is on the table.

You’ll know he has feelings for you when besides providing, protecting, caring, he will also be respectful towards you. He’ll respect your boundaries, needs, and limits.

Relationship Tips

7.He’s by your side.

He is just by your side. You feel like you’ve got someone that’s got your back; when you’re succeeding, when you’re failing, he’s there, right by your side.

8.He wants to make you happy.

He tries to make you smile, laughs, giggles, that nourishes him when he has feelings for you. You can tell by the way he does little things that cheer you up, every time.

9. Processing his emotions might cause him to glitch a little

Men have a hard time expressing emotions, feelings, and once he does the process and gets that he’s got the feelings, he’ll be a little glitchy.

10.He gets nervous around you when it’s just the two of you.

He basically won’t know exactly how to function around you, especially if it’s the beginning of the two of you knowing each other, or the very beginning of your relationship. Shy and blushy, he can’t help it!

11.He seems a bit confused at times.

He seems confused because he gets confused. Men are usually not used to being in touch with their feelings and emotions. It’s understandable, and it’s normal for this to happen to men when they’re catching feelings.

12.He’s “just about” to say it, always.

Ah, yes… The old ‘on the tip of the tongue’ type of standing. He always looks like he’s about to say something, but seems to be quitting at the last minute.

13. Future is on the mf table

When men experience strong feelings they’ll be able to see a future with you. You’ll notice this even in a long-distance relationship.

14.He talks about the future, he makes plans.

You can tell if a man has feelings for you in the way he talks about the future. You don’t even know if you’ll be together until then, yet he’s making plans months from now. He talks about what his goals are, he asks you about what your goals are. It’s the future, it’s you and him.

15.You’re not a ‘secret’ of his.

At this point, he might even love you. He doesn’t keep you a secret when his feelings for you are strong. He’ll introduce you to his loved ones, he’s going to be proud and happy to have found you. He’ll share that with ‘his’ people.

16.He’s excited to meet your loved ones.

You know if a guy has feelings for you when he’ll be wanting to meet your loved ones, he’ll be wanting to know the people around you, the people you have close to heart. He’ll be putting in the effort, he might get a little nervous, excited since he’ll want to impress them too.

Relationship Tips

17. He’s willing to show his vulnerable side

Forget what the wise men say, he can’t help falling in love with you!

And when he has those strong feelings, it’s going to get real. Vulnerability is something we tend to hide and keep to ourselves. You know you’re a big deal to him once he shows you that part of his.

18.He opens up.

He talks about things that bother him, things that make him sad, happy. He opens up and talks to you, expressing what’s on the inside.

19.He’s all feely.

Being ‘feely’ is not the typical man’s behavior; That in our society is considered to be ‘weak’, hence it became part of men’s vulnerability. Once he’s feely and emotional around you, he’s also being vulnerable around you. He won’t do that unless he feels safe to ‘surrender’.

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20. He hears you

He’s not just there like a wall. He listens to what you have to say, he tries to understand what you’re expressing. He hears you, sis. Take the freaking sign.

21.He motivates you.

You’re tired and ready to give up something important to you, he’ll motivate you because he cares, and heard you about the importance of that thing.

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22. He’s ~romantic~

Well, truly the movies have f*cked up our expectations, set them up to an unrealistic bar that men in real life can never reach. Thank god those expectations are starting to get out of the picture and we’re starting to comprehend the fact that a partner cannot be ‘everything’ or ‘perfect’ or both of those.

However, the man in real life will do some ~romantic~ things, when having ~romantic~ feelings, things such as:

Compliments on your out and inner beauty.

I’m talking about the real and felt compliments. You’ll know he’s been admiring you once he says those words.

Relationship Tips

23. He’s Always Staring at You

A man who’s caught feelings for you will have his eyes glued on you.

Whenever he gets the chance, this man will have his gaze on you. And not in a creepy way.

His gaze is usually full of admiration and friendliness.

He’ll also make more eye contact with you than usual.

When he stares at you, this man subconsciously tells himself that the two of you are meant for each other!

It’s like his eyes want him to realize what he already knows deep down

. He Wants to be Close to You
A man who’s caught feelings for you will want to be as close to you as possible.

He’ll try and sit closer than usual and may even find opportunities where he can touch your body or hand by chance.

If this is accompanied by signs such as making eye contact and smiling, then it means that he’s catching feelings for you.

When he wants to be close, this man is subconsciously telling himself that you are meant for each other. It’s like his body has a mind of its own, and it knows what signs to give off to let you know!

Relationship Tips

24. He Finds Silly Excuses to Spend Time with You

A man who’s caught feelings for you might find himself making silly excuses to spend time with you.

He’ll call or text you at random times and invent reasons why he has to see you.

If you guys have been friends, he might start inviting you to join him at the movies or while he’s shopping.

He’ll also try and find ways of spending time with you in a group setting, where it won’t look like the two of you are together or that he likes you.

As soon as he makes signs of wanting to spend time with you, this man is subconsciously telling himself that he likes you more than a friend.

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25. He Acts Weird Around You

As mentioned above, men aren’t the most emotional creatures.

So, when he develops feelings for you, he’s bound to act a bit strange as he tries to process them.

He might start acting nervous around you or act awkward even if he’s usually confident. You’ll also notice signs of him being shy when he’s around you and acting like the opposite of who he is.

This will be especially noticeable if it happens unexpectedly because this man is not used to feeling like this towards you.

26. He Always Tells You How Amazing You Are

If he never misses an opportunity to tell you how wonderful you are, there’s a high chance that he’s caught feelings for you.

A guy who’s caught feelings for you will always give you compliments.

He might not compliment your looks, but he’ll praise how amazing and intelligent you are.

When a man tries to impress the woman of his dreams, he will go out of his way to make her feel great about herself because that’s what she deserves.

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If this describes a guy you know, then know that it isn’t just about his desire to impress you. He truly admires the person that you are!

If a man is constantly telling you how amazing you are, then it’s safe to say that he’s caught feelings for you.

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27. He Shares His Childhood Memories of You

Listening to a man recalling his childhood memories is not an everyday occurrence.

Most men aren’t too keen on sharing their past experiences because it might be awkward at times.

But if your guy tells you about all the fun he had with you during his childhood days, this means there’s something more than just friendship.

And if he’s telling you about your childhood memories, it means that he doesn’t mind sharing personal stories with you and is comfortable having a deep conversation with you.

If this describes a guy you’ve been talking to, then there’s no doubt he’s caught feelings for you.

28. Talks About His Future with You

A man who’s caught feelings for you will be talking about his future plans with you.

He’ll probably ask your opinion on some issues like where he should invest his money or the type of car that would best suit him.

If a guy is willing to consult another person before making an important decision, it means that he’s comfortable around this person.

And if he feels comfortable talking about his future with you, then it means that he has strong feelings for you!

29. He Invites you Into His World

When a man has caught feelings for you, he’ll do his best to make sure that you’re always included in all his plans.

A guy who’s caught feelings will not be inviting another girl into the fold when it comes to meeting with friends or trips together.

And it’s not only about hanging out.

A guy who’s caught feelings will also invite you to his workplace or to share in some of his hobbies.

If a guy is making an extra effort to include you in his world, there’s no doubt that he has feelings for you.

If a man invites you into his life and makes you feel part of it, then know that this is a clear sign he caught feelings for you!

Thirsty guys don’t invite girls to their work or hobbies. They keep them separate from the rest of their life.

30. He’s Not Dating Anyone Else

Let’s be honest!

Someone who’s caught feelings for you won’t be out there chasing other people.

Most of his focus is bound to be on either trying to hide his feelings for you or showing you why he’s great for you.

So, if you notice a guy you’ve been talking to no longer dates other people, high chances are that he’s caught feelings for you.

However, remember to take this point with a pinch of salt because there are men out there who want to keep their options open in case they find someone better than the girl they’re currently pursuing.

31. He Gets Jealous

A man who’s caught feelings for you will easily become jealous.

He might not show signs of jealousy or even admit it, but deep within his heart, he’ll feel the pangs of jealously.

So, how do you know if he gets jealous?

By checking out what happens when another guy approaches you!

If a guy starts acting weird and his body language becomes tense when another guy approaches you, then he’s caught feelings for you.

This could also apply to a friend with benefits relationship. If you notice his mood change when you mention a date you had gone to, there’s a high chance that your FWB has caught feelings for you.


Someone who’s caught feelings for you won’t be out there chasing other people. So, if you notice a guy you’ve been talking to no longer dates other people, high chances are that he’s caught feelings for you. Once he’s feely and emotional around you, he’s also being vulnerable around you.