How To Get Him To Chase You Again

How To Get Him To Chase You Again (28 Great Ways)!

Wondering how to get him to chase you again? Well. There are a variety of reasons why a girl may want a guy to pursue her. But, let’s face it, after the breakup, most of them want that.

It can happen for a variety of reasons: a guy may no longer love her, he may have discovered another female, or he simply does not want to be committed. What better way to make him realize what he’s lost than to have him chase a girl again?

The majority of these women have been harmed in previous relationships and do not want to make the same mistake again. Perhaps there isn’t much vengeance because this is the perfect time to reject a boy who didn’t want to be with her.

Whatever the cause, there’s a lot you can do to get any guy to chase you again. You’re supposed to be a prey, not a hunter, after all. The boy should make an effort to seduce you or reunite with you again; you shouldn’t be the one who chases him down for the rest of your life.

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And how are you going to do it? If you want to make him chase you again, we have a few suggestions.

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How To Get Him To Chase You Again (28 Great Ways)!

How To Get Him To Chase You Again
How To Get Him To Chase You Again

For years, I spent more time than I like to admit chasing after men, attempting to persuade the man of the moment that he truly liked me. It was a horrible experience.

I felt worse and worse about myself and my love life with each rejection. I couldn’t figure out why I was calling men first, asking them out, and expressing interest.

Relationship Tips

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I had no idea that figuring out how to have him chase you instead was a crucial element of dating and building a relationship.

When I put myself in the driver’s seat when it came to my encounters with guys, it always backfired spectacularly.

The sadness persisted until I discovered a few things about how men are simply hardwired differently than women.

Why would you want to make a man chase after you?

When I say that males are hunters who enjoy the pursuit, people become enraged. And I can see why. On the surface, it appears that I’m making a derogatory remark. “The pursuit” makes it sound as if I’m saying that males aren’t deserving or good enough for women to be interested in them.

Men always declare that if a lady they like expressed interest in them, they would be ecstatic. And they aren’t exaggerating. Unfortunately, men and women have vastly diverse interpretations of what it means to “express interest.” It takes two things to attract a man: sexual attractiveness and effort.

Here’s how to entice him to pursue you once more!

So, how to get him to chase you again since was difficult enough to get him to chase you the first time?

Relationship Tips

To make him pursue you once more is a whole other game in and of itself. So, to understand how it’s done, you’ll need to understand some basic principles.

1. Don’t plan your entire life around him.

Continue with your everyday routine and don’t eliminate or skip anything that you would normally do solely to create time for him.

For instance, don’t forego your daily gym session or some much-needed self-care for him.

How to do it right: Don’t appear to be continually busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or he’ll assume you’re not interested. Find a sliver of time for him and make it appear as if you were able to carve out some time for him in your hectic day. Don’t abandon your goals, give up your interests, or do anything else to make him the center of your universe.

2. Make use of your feminine magnetism.

Being a woman will draw his attention to you, but you must demonstrate that you are interested without doing all of the work.

Using your feminine energy, for example, appears to be joyful, lively, flirty, and receptive to his approaches. He must be the one who seeks out more of your time and attention while you accept and love it.

How to do it correctly: Don’t accept everything that comes your way. Allow a man to show his interest in you by communicating with you on a regular basis and attempting to date you. Make him fit into your ambitions and life in the same way that you do.

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3. Make him remember you.

Make a point of doing something unique with him before you leave him for the day or night so that he can’t forget about you.

For instance, on a date, make sure you kiss him last on your way out the door so he can’t stop thinking about the next time he can feel your lips on his.

Relationship Tips

How to do it right: Don’t go overboard by being intimate with him before you’re ready or giving in to his demands. Leave certain things to your imagination, and don’t let him pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

4. Have trust that the right man will find you eventually.

If a man doesn’t approach you, assume he’s giving you a soft “no” or “not right now,” and let him go. He won’t actively pursue you if he isn’t meant for you or doesn’t want to get to know you.

Try manifesting the proper man, believing that he will come for you when the moment is right and that you are deserving. If he believes you’re worth pursuing, he’ll come after you and pursue you.

How to do it correctly: Don’t use every technique in the book to get him to pursue you down. Spiritually, there isn’t much you can do to compel someone to follow you. With time, it will happen.

5. Maintain a sense of mystery.

Stop attempting to establish your worth or justify why you and your partner would be a good match. He needs to figure it out for himself, and if he’s truly interested, he’ll be the one asking all or nearly all of the questions you do. The correct one will be so enthralled by you that he won’t be able to let you go.

When he asks what you do on dates, for example, don’t mention your dating guidelines or explain why the two of you are a good match. Instead, offer him a half-answer to his question so that if he truly wants to learn more about you, he will pursue you and strive to understand you.

How to do it correctly: Give him no non-answers. It may appear suspicious and strange if you refuse to ask a question or jump to a new topic.

6. Work together to create activities.

Even if it’s just starting a new Netflix show with him, try to come up with some hobbies, pastimes, or games that the two of you might like. Make him think of you the next time he wants to do something similar, and he’ll contact you.

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Plan a date around doing something together, such as playing games or going to a trivia night, and even if it’s not a physical activity, it may be as simple as emailing each other memes.

How to do it right: Don’t try to text or phone him every time you want to do something similar with him, or send too many memes. Allow him to pick up on it and think of you as much as you think of him.

Relationship Tips

7. Text him or send him a flirtatious photo.

If you casually send him a couple of flirty texts or maybe a seductive picture, he’ll remember you and want to see you again.

Put on cute clothing and maybe a little makeup, then send him a picture or text saying how cute you feel today and wait for him to answer.

How to do it right: Don’t go too far, such as sending nudes or sexts, because you can end up turning the connection into something more casual, which isn’t what you wanted.

8. Do not get in touch with him often.

This is arguably the oldest technique in the book, but it does work on occasion. If you’ve been on a date with a guy you like and asked him out for the first time, give him the opportunity to pursue you.

Don’t text him after a date or after he sends you a message, for example. Give him some time to notice you didn’t react, and if he wants to keep talking and getting to know you, he’ll text you back.

How to do it right: Don’t let it go too long before texting him, or he’ll assume you’re ghosting him. It’s advisable to wait for him to react to your SMS before responding as normal. However, if he doesn’t respond the first time, there may not be much interest there.

9. Make an impression on him.

When you’re getting to know him, ask him about something he’s never done before and base your next date, or perhaps your first, on it.

For instance, ask him what he hasn’t done or attempted before, and then organize a date around that. If that means he’s never had sushi before, take him to a sushi restaurant for supper and share a first with him; he’ll remember that experience with you in his memory.

How to do it correctly: Don’t do something that will push things too far, such as taking his virginity or doing something passionate and personal. I’m sure you don’t want to be a part of a significant memory that he will remember for a long time if things go wrong.

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Relationship Tips

10. Put an end to the pursuing

How is he supposed to pursue you down if you’re the one chasing him down? You must master the art of letting go.

11. Know how to play psychological games.

Men are masters at deception. As a result, girls must learn to play hard to get. Men desire to be recognized for their efforts. You are a reward in this scenario, and you must make your ex aware of this (or potential new boyfriend).

Play hot and cold with him; it’s a tried and true method that consistently works if you follow the rules. There should be some distance between you and your loved one, but not too much, so that he or she does not become chilled.

Allow him to pursue you rather than contact him first. Wait for him to give you some tiny indication that you are still interested in him. Because you’ve already met, you can guess what his next move will be and what you may expect.

When he approaches, make sure to give him “a chilly shower” because he knows something about you. Your ex-boyfriend believes you’ll be in pain for the rest of your life, and he’s counting on an explosion of weakness; don’t allow it to happen.

Give him a helping hand, but not too many hugs and kisses. Save your words – don’t bombard him with questions; if he does, respond quickly. Demonstrate to him that you are not the same person he abandoned. That will prompt him to pursue you once more.

12. Demonstrate to him that you have progressed.

Life goes on, and it will continue to do so. He shouldn’t be aware that you haven’t moved on since your split. If you must suffer, do so in silence, when no one can see you. You have to show your ex-boyfriend how much you enjoy life in public, especially in front of him.

Even if it means using force. Of course, this does not imply that you should chase other boys and enter relationships merely to stick it in his face; you must return to your normal routine.

Renew friendships, attend clubs and parties, go on casual dates, and so on. Keep a positive attitude and tell him you’re alright and that your pain won’t last forever. Make an effort to spend more time with your male pals.

It’s not necessary to be overly intimate; simply start conversing with another guy or laughing at his jokes would suffice. Your ex-lover will be reawakened by a nice, old feeling of jealousy.

Relationship Tips

He’ll figure out that he’s lost you and that you’re not going to wait for him indefinitely if you play this smart; if you do, he’ll pursue you like never before.

13. Give him a legitimate cause to pursue you – look amazing!

Girl, men are visual creatures, this is the most critical trick in the entire process of getting a guy to chase you again. Let’s face it, the first thing we notice about someone is their physical appearance, and it holds our attention. When a man considers you appealing, he will demonstrate his desire for you. Then it’s over to you. Do you want me to pursue you once more?

Give him a compelling explanation!

Show him what he’s missing out on, or what he’s missing out on if he doesn’t give you another chance. You should always look your best, especially if you know you have a good chance of meeting him.

We find someone more appealing when we don’t see them very often, according to psychological research. If you’re going to meet him after a while, pay care to your looks. There’s a good probability his emotions may “explode” once more.

So, savor tiny joys like going to the hair salon, getting a manicure, picking “THE” dress, and so on. You’ll feel great and look fantastic.

14. If you don’t exhibit vulnerability, he’ll pursue you.

Everything can come to mind for a female who has recently ended a relationship in moments of desperation. Every breakup is difficult, especially after you’ve been together for a long time. It’s fine to struggle and go through difficult circumstances, but only for a short time. You must rise and resume your daily routine.

If you’re hoping for a reconciliation, don’t make the common error of calling and bothering your ex-boyfriend. It’s not a good idea to pursue him down; instead, let him breathe. That’s how reverse psychology works. T

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here’s a rule called “30 days without contact” that you should follow: if he hasn’t contacted you in a month, your relationship may be over.

If he did, though, you have a chance. Keep your cool. There will be no crying, no emotional pressure, and no pleading to get back together. Is it necessary for him to know you’re desperate? Act as if he’s an old buddy when he calls; speak about some light topics, and most importantly, keep it short.

Tell him you have to go after a few minutes and finish your conversation.

This move will pique his interest, and he’ll most likely phone you again shortly. Give him a few longer minutes next time, but without seeming frightening or going into detail. And then you interrupt the discourse once more. It’ll only be a matter of time until he starts chasing you.

15. A psychological trick: If you say “no,” he’ll pursue you down.

When a man breaks up with you, he is almost certain that he will be able to have you again at any time. Well, he’s clearly mistaken, and you must demonstrate this to him. You don’t have to act like an ice queen; he just wants to see that your feelings have disappeared as well. You must be very patient, even if you are undoubtedly dying to be with him again. Do not be taken in by his allure.

Be cold-blooded when he contacts you for the first time after you’ve broken up. If he calls and asks to see you, realize that he is doing so because you are his “safe spot.” And if he can have you so easily, he won’t bother pursuing you.

Your ex is certain that you still care about him and that you’ll abandon him at any moment. Give him a huge, juicy “no” as a surprise. Tell him you don’t have time, you’re busy, you’re going out, and so on.

Long Distance Relationships

Make any reason you want, but don’t hurry after him the moment he calls.

He hadn’t expected to be rejected, so this would be intriguing to him – how is it possible that he isn’t your first priority and that you don’t pursue him? Because you don’t want to see him, your “no” will pique his attention, and he’ll start chasing you down again to find out the explanation.

The male ego will not take rejection and will become much more determined to discover the true cause.

Maybe you’ve found a new love interest? Allow him to “cook” slowly and mysteriously. According to psychology, we are drawn to what is not easily available since it is in our nature to investigate and find the unknown. He let you leave so easily before; now make him chase you while making it difficult for him.

16. Make him remember you

There’s no way he won’t see any of your posts if he follows you on social media. Also, if you have mutual friends, there’s a good possibility you’ll end up at the same party at some point. If you happen to see each other, simply smile and go away. Ignoring him can help you get him to pursue you down again. After the breakup, flaunt your confidence, new style, friends, or lifestyle. There’s a good probability he’s already missing you or is concerned about how you’re managing the split. Work on yourself and demonstrate your self-assurance to him. He’ll be sad and feel compelled to contact you again, perhaps to attempt it all over again.

17. Don’t be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is currently no right response to the question “Why are we chasing the inaccessible?” in psychology. The truth is that we are drawn to things and people that are not easily available to us. Make the most of this fact: if he can’t have you, he’ll chase you down even harder. If you demonstrate that you still have feelings for your ex-lover after the split, he will not pursue you.

If he discovers that he can’t have you whenever he wants, though, he will feel compelled to make another attempt to entice you. As a result, don’t answer the phone or respond to his messages every time he calls. Make contact with him every third time, for example. Alternatively, text him back in two days. Do not “jump” every time he likes one of your social media posts or photos. Don’t get caught in his “trap.” Still, you’re not together anymore, and you’ve moved on from your failed relationship. Am I correct? When you get away from him, he’ll believe you’re better than him, and his ego will be delighted to pursue you and lure you all over again.

18. Do not discuss your connection with others.

You should not reveal your emotions, no matter how terrible the breakup was for you. Neither in front of your ex-boyfriend nor in the presence of common pals. You won’t get anywhere if you go about telling everyone how miserable you are and how lonely you will be forever. Just a smidgeon of sympathy and reassuring words.

Do the polar opposite, according to psychology! Even after the split, show everyone how tough and self-assured you are. If you have to, act as if everything is alright. Do not avoid mutual friends if you are still in contact with them.

They’ll probably call you or invite you out; your friends’ job is to console and cheer you up. They all assume you’re depressed and hopeless. Demonstrate that sympathy is unnecessary.

Maintain a respectful and upbeat demeanor. Talk about anything but your ex; this will be a clear sign that you’ve moved on. Remember, those are both of their mutual pals. Give them a reason to believe you’re perfectly fine.

19. Employ reversible psychology

Reverse psychology is a powerful technique for persuading others to say or do whatever you want. The trick is to tell them the exact opposite of what you want them to hear. If you use this strategy correctly, you can sway your ex-opinion lover’s and get him to pursue you again.

Let’s have a look at a simple example. When you meet for the first time after the breakup, your relationship is unavoidably brought up.

Assuming he, not you, started this conversation, let him speak first. If he says something like, “Perhaps we should be friends,” you respond, “Yes, I believe that is the best.” Of course, you don’t want that, but be strategic.

“I think it’s best not to see/contact for a bit,” tell him. He will respect your wishes, but only for a short time. You’ll notice that he’ll be the one to make contact first. If you keep playing the reverse psychology game, your cold-bloodedness will pique his interest, and he’ll want to be closer to you again.

20. According to psychology, be a bitch, but only a little bitch.

This is, without a doubt, the most intriguing aspect of the article. Yes, you have to play hard to get to get him to chase you again, even if it means being a bitch at times. Guys appreciate that kind of attitude as long as it isn’t excessive. He was probably used to you being soft and naive in your previous relationship, and that you could do things on your own. That is, until now.

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One of the suggestions is to subtly ignore your ex-boyfriend. If he approaches you and initiates a discussion, for example, make sure you do not listen to him. Look to the side, wave to someone, or check your phone sometimes as he speaks to you.

When you want to entice someone, do the polar opposite of what you normally do. Stand up in the middle of a conversation and claim you have to leave without further explanation.

Alternatively, you can ignore him and engage in conversation with someone else. Simply put, show your ex-boyfriend that he isn’t the center of your universe any longer. He will not want to be with you again if you show him that you are still the good girl he left.

I’ve been there and done it. When you show him some attitude and a tiny lack of curiosity, on the other hand, it’s likely that he’ll chase you down like he’s never been chased before.

21. Allow him some breathing room.

After you’ve stopped chasing him, it’s the next most reasonable thing to do. You must demonstrate to him that you are not always available for him; he must understand that you have a life outside of him. So go ahead and do it right now.

He’ll be more likely to reclaim your affections if he believes your social calendar is jam-packed. Why? We always want something we can’t have or something that is popular with others, because it’s human psychology.

Sister, you need to keep your cool since absence makes the heart grow fonder. Always keep this in mind when planning how to get him to chase you again!

22. Make HIM desire you.

And how do you go about doing that? By enveloping oneself in mystery. Obviously, there isn’t much he doesn’t know about you because you two already know each other. So, here’s the deal: Tell him a fascinating story or incident the next time you two meet, and then…. leave him waiting.

Or, at the very least, keep him guessing until the finish of the story is revealed. When you start doing this, he’ll see you in a whole new light.

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23. Stop Whining.

Nobody loves someone who is always whining, criticizing, or opposing anything they have to say or do. Learn to be more accepting of his points of view. For instance, you and your partner broke up because he is a Republican and you disagree with his policies. You may show him that Democrats can be cool instead of yelling and shouting. If he says something political, don’t jump to criticize or dismiss his theory right away. Listen to it with an open mind and, if possible, agree with what he’s saying.

24. Learn how to get him to chase you again with a new wardrobe.

Alternatively, dress in something he hasn’t seen you in before. If you want to make him chase you again, this is the way to do it. You need to show him that you can take care of yourself even if he isn’t in your life.

Don’t limit this principle to your clothes; take care of your overall look. Change your hair color, buy some new shoes, or get a new piercing. Do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t gotten around to.

Demonstrate to him that you’ve changed.

25. Being trashy isn’t a good look.

Sweetheart, learn how to get him to chase you again by being smart! garbage invites trash. If you’re going to dress a certain way, he’ll treat you the same way. So dress sultry but not slutty and be a temptress. Leave your body to his imagination; you don’t have to show him everything. You’ve come to entice him and make him want you. And dressing up as a pornstar isn’t exactly the most effective method to get a man’s undivided attention, is it?

26. Demonstrate an interest in his hobbies.

Perhaps the reason it didn’t work the first time with him was because you and him were such polar opposites. This time, don’t make the same mistake. Men love to hang out with women who share their tastes or interests, so try to develop an interest in his hobbies.

At the absolute least, you can avoid rolling your eyes and expressing your disgust the next time he mentions his favorite video game. Don’t be a jerk, lady.

27. Boost his ego (men like that).

Men and their egos, how I despise them. If there’s one thing that guys all over the world have in common, it’s their need to believe that they’re in command, that they’re the alpha male who takes care of their woman. So why don’t you give him the impression that he’s in charge?

It doesn’t mean you have to go along with his every whim and fancy. What this implies is that you must persuade him that every thought you have is his, and then let him to carry it out.

Also, don’t try to boss him about. That is too much for men’s egos to take. To be honest, dominating him or making him feel emasculated is the exact opposite of what you should be doing when trying to get him to chase you again.

28. Patience is essential.

If you believe that attempting these strategies will provide you with immediate benefits, princess, you are mistaken. That only happens in romantic films; it never happens in real life. The truth is that he needs time to see the changes in you.

It could be a matter of days, weeks, or even months. So, if you truly desire him, you must be patient with the process and have optimism that he would pursue you again!


If you’ve accomplished your goal, and your former partner is pursuing you once more, consider your motivations. Do you really want him back, or are you just looking for a way to get even? Do you want him to pursue you indefinitely?

Use any of the tactics we’ve outlined if you’re confident you still have feelings for your ex-lover and your want to see him is based on love and a desire to be together. We stand for love, and if you’re confident in your ability to succeed, we’ll cross our fingers for you.

Whatever the cause of the separation, real love always triumphs, and we applaud it. Allow him to pursue you; it won’t harm him. As a result, he’ll respect you more since he’ll comprehend what he’s lost.

How To Get Him To Chase You Again
How To Get Him To Chase You Again

There you have it, how to get him to chase you again!

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