How To Get A Man To Want You

How To Get A Man To Want You: 49 Instant Methods that Work!

Wondering How To Get A Man To Want You? Following these simple, sensual methods, you may learn how to get a guy to like you and make him desire you badly.

Some of the flirting strategies and tactics may come effortlessly to you, but adopting just one or two is insufficient. If you truly want to make him want, crave, and need you, you must master all five of these skills. Here’s how to do it.

Do you want to make a man adore you for the rest of his life? You can be asking this question because you really like a guy and want him to feel the same way about you.

You adore him because he is the man of your fantasies. You desperately want him at your side right now, yet you still don’t have him. You’re willing to go to any length to get him to chase you, like you, be attracted to you, and fall madly in love with you—but it appears to be a daunting task.

how to find your soulmate

You’ll learn some of the basic (and not so basic) things you can do to attract a man and make him fall in love with you in this post.

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Relationship Tips


How To Get A Man To Want You: 49 Instant Methods that Work!

How To Get A Man To Want You
How To Get A Man To Want You

1. Have a life of your own.

The most misinterpreted and paradoxical piece of advice I can give you is that you need to have your own life, but what exactly does it imply?

Having your own life necessitates having your own hobbies separate from your man. This includes things like interests, activities, and even friends that you are passionate about but that your boyfriend may not be.

It is critical to have your own life for a variety of reasons.

You need to show your boyfriend that you love his company and presence while also letting him know that you don’t require his assistance.

Your boyfriend will appreciate you more if you show him that you don’t need him. If you truly need him and are willing to give up your life for him, he will quickly recognize that he no longer needs to work for your love and respect. He will eventually lose respect for you if this happens.

A male is considerably more attracted to women who have their own lives.

Relationship Tips

Men are similar to cats in that if they have you, they will get bored with you just as quickly (much like a cat and a dangling piece of twine). They will be much more attracted to you if they have to work hard to win you over.

As a result, once you have your own life, you’ll be harder to hang out with and less available, which is ideal for making him want you even more.

2. Take care of yourself first.

I’m not trying to be all “woo woo” or spiritual with you, but you must ask yourself this question: “Do I love myself?”

How can a guy love and want you if you don’t even love and want yourself?

Don’t worry if you aren’t completely in love with yourself yet. There are numerous options for resolving the issue. You may always join a gym and start working out more if you don’t feel like you’re in shape. If you’re not sure about your fashion sense, reach out to a buddy who keeps up with the latest trends and ask for advice or to go shopping with you.

The same may be said regarding your ability to converse with men. The only way to gain confidence is to practice with male friends and coworkers as much as possible.

3. Be enjoyable to be around.

When learning how to make a guy want you, one of the most important things to remember is to have fun. I’m not going to lie and say that appearances aren’t important; they are, but they simply help you get in the door.

You know, if you’re boring to a guy while you’re chatting to him, he’ll rapidly lose interest. If you’re entertaining, however, he’ll want to keep conversing and hanging out with you.

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So, the next time you’re out with a guy you like, ask yourself, “Am I entertaining?”

Relationship Tips

4. Flirt with him, tease him, and play games with him.

It’s great to have a nice time, but being flirty is even better. Much, much better. Flirting, teasing, and joking about with a guy is a great technique to get his attention and make him see you as more than a friend.

5. Never Give Up Hope

Don’t give up. You must be hopeful at all times if you want a guy to fall in love with you. Losing hope may be a disease not only in trying to win a man’s heart, but in all we do in our daily lives.

Hope for the best, but keep in mind that things aren’t always as they seem. When pursuing a man and hoping for him to fall in love with you, there are two possible outcomes:

He is smitten by you as well.
Your advances are turned down by him.

It’s critical to be hopeful and optimistic when chasing a man’s affection. (When we send off excellent, happy feelings, we all appear more attractive and enticing.) However, don’t pin all your hopes on attaining the desired outcome. He, like you, has feelings, and none of us has complete control over our emotions!

He might be as enthusiastic about you as you are about him. Be inspired by that hope, and take actions to determine whether or not it is true. You won’t know unless you go out of your way to catch him. You should, however, be prepared for every circumstance and consequence. There will be another man on the horizon if this man isn’t the one for you. So don’t give up!

6. Be Your Own Person

When attempting to entice a man to fall in love with you, be yourself. When it comes to personality and character, it’s crucial to be yourself rather than someone else. You’re not doing yourself any favors by pretending to be someone other than yourself in order to get a guy to like you.

By attempting to be someone other than yourself, you are saying or implying that you are uncomfortable with yourself. Many guys will instantly get disinterested if they see this flaw in you.

You may be able to maintain the mask for a few weeks, months, or even years. But, eventually, you’ll weary of masking your true self, and he’ll tire of trying to figure out who you really are, what you really like, and when you’re being genuine.

Don’t try to dumb yourself down if you have a high-powered position.
Stilettos are not for you if you despise high heels.
Your dog sleeps on your bed and takes up the front seat of your car? That’s something the two of you should discuss.
Do you have any kids? That’s something worth discussing right away.

Relationship Tips

The best relationship is one that lasts a long time. When a man falls madly in love with you, you want that love to stay as long as possible, so be yourself straight away.

7. Be Conscious of Your Outward Appearance

Don’t be fooled by your appearance. When it comes to dating, your appearance may make or break you. You must appear presentable to delight a man and pique his interest in you. Consider what you’re wearing, how clean your hair is, and whether you’re dressed correctly.

Of course, you want to appear seductive to the man you want to fall in love with you, but sex appeal does not always imply body-hugging apparel and plenty of cleavage. In the appropriate conditions, jeans and a t-shirt with wind-blown hair may be just as sultry as a manicured appearance in a formal suit. What is the key? Feel confident, at ease, and pleased with yourself.


Ways to Enhance Your Appearance and Feelings
Choose apparel and a style that is appropriate for the occasion.
Choose attire that is appropriate for the event while also making you feel at ease.
No matter where you’re going, do your best to look your best. You never know when you’ll run into the man of your dreams, whether or not he’s the one you’re actively courting!

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So, before you dash out the door to pick up the missing ingredient for your solo meal at home, wash that filthy shirt!

8. Don’t Just Talk, Listen!

It is critical to listen if you want to please and make a man fall in love with you. Don’t just talk about it. Find another approach to cope with your nerves if you babble continuously when you’re nervous.

When they’re near a potential male companion, many girls make the mistake of talking more than listening. Of course, girls aren’t the only ones. Many males behave in the same way. However, this is a major blunder that might easily cost you the man of your dreams.

Even a man who isn’t particularly talkative will have something to say. Everyone enjoys being ‘heard.’ He’ll be disappointed if you keep talking and talking without providing him the opportunity to express himself. Making it difficult for him to speak may reduce his chances of falling in love with you.

9. Exude Self-assurance

It’s easy for him to like you if you like yourself. You’re a good individual with unique characteristics. Be assured that you are deserving of love!

Relationship Tips

The importance of self-assurance cannot be overstated. Sure, some women appear to make a living out of capturing men by portraying themselves as victims or vulnerable ladies.

You risk getting left behind if you lack confidence. If you want a guy to like you, you must have a sense of self-assurance that will lead you to approach him without fear or suspicion of danger.

Having fun with your partner is a terrific way to strengthen your bond and boost your self-esteem.

10. Laugh and smile

It’s crucial to grin and laugh when you’re trying to make a guy fall in love with you. Make sure you don’t have an unfriendly expression on your face. Be as nice, outgoing, and social as you feel comfortable.

Guys prefer girls with a good sense of humor who can make them laugh. Tell him amusing stories and don’t be scared to make him laugh. Keep in mind that you don’t want to look like a comedian. It’s fantastic to have a fun and outgoing companion, but few individuals relish the prospect of living with a comedian.

11. You must give rather than take.

To maximize your chances of him falling in love with you, you must give rather than take. A man can quickly see the difference between a female who wants something from him and one who genuinely cares about him.

There are surely girls who are looking for a way to make money (gold diggers). Distinguish yourself from the average gold digger by demonstrating to him that you are interested in him for his love rather than his money or other material possessions.

Allow him to make an extra effort.

Allow him to put in some extra work as well. If you pursue a man for months while he goes about his business, you will most certainly be perceived as a desperate woman. It’s not a good idea to be available to him at all times. Make sure he doesn’t get bored.

Allow him to make advances at you instead. The thrill of the ‘chase’ is appealing to many guys. Attract his attention and let him work a little to persuade you to change your mind. When you’re not around, let him know how much he misses you. He’ll do everything he can to obtain you as soon as he suspects he’s falling in love with you.

Relationship Tips

12. Learn what he does (and why he does it).

This is something that has the potential to greatly improve your chances of gaining his heart. Take advantage of possibilities to participate in his activities. Inquire whether he requires assistance to complete a task. If he notices that you are genuinely interested in his ambitions, he will realize that you care about him and could be a terrific companion.


When it comes to a new potential mate, be patient. They might surprise you.

13. Be patient with him and don’t press him to make important decisions.

Patience will pay off in the end. When you’re attempting to make a man fall in love with you, be patient and take things slowly. Expect him to not fall in love or accept your approaches right away.

Many guys will require some time to determine whether or not they are ready to embark into a relationship with you. If he likes you, he’ll let you know. But don’t press him to make a snap choice about whether or not he likes you.

14. Don’t be a slave to your possessions

Don’t be too possessive with your possessions. Many women make the mistake of being overly possessive of a man before he even acknowledges his feelings for them. If this is the case, she may attempt to shield him from other women so that she remains his exclusive female companion.

Possessiveness is not only unpleasant, but it may also be dangerous to both you and your possible spouse. This is a strategy that will fail miserably. Allow him to make his own decisions about what is best for him. He will undoubtedly fall in love with you if you are the one for him.

How To Get A Man To Want You
How To Get A Man To Want You

15. Be morally upright

In order to persuade a man to love you, you must have good morals. Nobody wants to be associated with someone who is untrustworthy. Men admire women who are self-disciplined and do not give in to peer pressure. Be mature and respectful of him in the same way that you expect him to be respectful of you. Additionally, respect yourself and your ideals; understand who you are and what you stand for.

Your perfect partner will undoubtedly fall in love with you if you can be true to yourself and display all of these attributes.

16. Display your self-assurance

This is a significant aspect in learning how to make a guy want you, and it’s perhaps the most vital. You must be self-assured and demonstrate that you value yourself. That doesn’t entail being arrogant; it just means understanding and claiming your worth.

There’s a reason why men’s mouths drop when they see a confident lady going down the street: she exudes sex appeal and confidence. She is sexy as heck because she doesn’t require them. If you want the guy, you must believe that you don’t require him.

17. The importance of body language

Have you ever noticed a pair at a bar? They’re facing one other, leaning forward and pointing their feet in the direction of the other.

You can communicate your feelings to him using body language before opening your mouth, and then wait to see if he replies by replicating your body language. We know it seems strange, but you’ll be surprised at how well it works. So, we’re talking about eye contact, playful touches, matching his position, and making sure you’re not in a defensive attitude by crossing your arms over your torso.

18. Create an atmosphere of anticipation.

You want to get his blood pumping and get him thrilled. Doing a thrilling action that forces adrenaline to run through his body is the best method to get him aroused.

Riding a roller coaster or bungee jumping are two examples. Excitement, believe it or not, increases attractiveness and arousal, so put on your parachute. He’ll want you if you come up with exciting ideas.

19. Be like him.

When studying how to make a guy want you, this could seem like an odd tactic. But essentially, you want to imitate and emulate them. With this one, you won’t have to put in a lot of effort.

When you spend a lot of time with someone, you adopt similar habits like listening to the same music, etc. You may not recognize it at first, but you’ll begin to mimic their gestures.

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20. Be honest with him.

You can only chat about the rain for so long before it’s time to move on to something more substantive. If you can’t open up to him, he won’t be able to open up to you, and you won’t be able to form a bond.

However, this means that one of you will have to be the first to open up. It can be frightening, but if you trust him as a person, you should be able to disclose something intimate about yourself with him.

21. Spend time with him.

Now, don’t go stalking him; that’s not what I’m going for with this. You want to spend time with him and be around him. You get more attracted to someone the more time you spend with them.
Why do superstars always wind up dating individuals with whom they’ve collaborated on a film? Because they’ve just spent the past six months with that one individual all day, every day. As a result, it only makes sense.

Try to spend time with him in a group or, if possible, alone. We suppose this is one of the more obvious methods for making a man want you.

22. Make a connection with him

People enjoy being in the company of individuals who understand them. So this scenario is no exception. Now, don’t go overboard with this, but find out what he’s interested in and strike up a conversation about one of them.

However, you must be genuinely interested in the subject, or else it would appear that you are bored when discussing classic cars or hockey. You’ll have something to talk about after you’ve identified a topic, and he’ll notice that you share a mutual interest.


23. Maintain a sense of intrigue.

This is an excellent example of how to make a man want you. Men and women both enjoy mystery, which is why we enjoy the hunt. So you’re currently attempting to entice the man in and gain his attention.
You want to project a sense of mystery. Don’t be utterly deafeningly quiet, but don’t give him everything he desires. Keep some facts to yourself — it’ll pique his interest in you even more.

24. Minimize the drama

Men, you must understand, are dramatic. They are capable of being worse than women, at least in our opinion. We do know, however, that they dislike listening to female chatter. If a man dislikes another man, he expresses his feelings.
However, because we women aren’t as open about our feelings as males, it quickly devolves into gossip. Instead of informing him about your everyday gossip, call your best buddy and tell them about it. It’s better that way, especially if you can’t stop yourself from spreading rumors.

To summarize, don’t gossip since it makes you look like a jerk.

25. Make use of your feminine side

Being feminine isn’t viewed as a flaw. People often mistake femininity for fragility and weakness, yet this is not the case. You may be a powerful woman while wearing a dress and makeup.
It’s fine to indulge your feminine side by closing your legs or chewing with your mouth shut. You are not a weak lady because of these things.

So, toss aside those preconceptions, and if you want to show off your feminine side, go ahead and do so. Men often admire a woman who is strong while maintaining her femininity.

26. Don’t be clingy with your partner.

If you want to learn how to make a guy want you, don’t be clingy for the love of God! Remember that man who texted you once, then texted you again, and again, and again, until you finally responded? That romance didn’t last long, did it? Clingy people are disliked by the general public.

It makes them feel as if they are being suffocated. Men are individuals. They don’t want a lady who is reliant on others and need continual affirmation and attention. So, if you want him to be interested in you, spend time with him, text him, and do all of the above.

But don’t let yourself feel suffocated. Allow him to approach you and initiate conversation on occasion.

27. Make him sniff his nose

Why don’t you use your aroma to entice him? Isn’t it a touch animalistic? But, at the end of the day, we are just that. So spritz a bit of your favorite perfume on him – just a spritz, don’t make him smell like the entire bottle – and make him go crazy for the sexy and sensuous scent. A scientifically proven method for making a man want you.

28. Flirt, but not excessively

Flirt – we advocate it since it’s enjoyable and allows you to test your boundaries while remaining in the fun zone. But don’t push the flirting limits too far. You want to entice him and keep him interested in what you’re doing.

Flirt and then back off a little – you’re attempting to entice him to chase after you. You won’t last long if you immediately lay out all of your best flirty skills. You’ll have to take command of the situation if you want him.

How Do I Know If He Loves Me
How Do I Know If He Loves Me

29. Take charge of your own destiny

Allowing him to realize that he is the only thing going on in your life is the worst thing that can happen. Even if that’s the case, you can’t tell him. Guys are attracted to girls who are usually preoccupied with their own plans.

You must have your own life and hobbies separate from his. It not only boosts your self-esteem, but it also indicates that, as much as you’d like him to be, he’s not your top priority.

Never put a man first in your life. That’s something to keep in mind at all times, but especially when learning how to make a man want you.

30. Give him a compliment

Don’t go crazy with this or you’ll come across as desperate. Complimenting a man, on the other hand, is never a bad idea. They’ll not only feel good, but they’ll also notice that you’re paying attention to them.
Perhaps he has a new haircut or is wearing a nice perfume. So just let him know what you’re thinking. That could be interpreted by him as an indication that you’re interested in him, which is exactly what you wanted.

31. Take an interest in his personal life.

We understand that this seems self-evident, but there is a societal idea that the guy should be into the lady and not the other way around. We believe kids should ask us all the questions, and then we shrug off their hobbies as if they aren’t important.

This should not be done. Take an active role in his life and encourage him to talk about the things he enjoys. He’ll always think favorably of you if he associates you with such a terrific chat and a genuine interest in what he enjoys.

32. Keep things interesting by mixing things up.

Guys, as previously stated, do not have the best attention spans. Keep things interesting, that’s all you have to do. Make him predict what you’re going to do next. Be unpredictable at all times.

The more interesting you are in this manner, the more he will want to be in your company. It will keep him on his toes and keep him intrigued if he doesn’t know what you’re going to say or do.

33. Gradually reveal your seductive side

You must entice him to want more rather than simply giving him everything at once. You do, however, want to demonstrate him you’re a sexual person. Most guys adore sex and are quite aware of their sexuality.

But you’re the same way. You don’t have to hold back fully just because you don’t want to appear easy. So, every now and again, tell a dirty joke to show him that he can eventually see the whole you.

34. Be honest about your feelings.

Many women are uncomfortable with being direct. What’s more, you know what? It’s really popular among men. When it comes to dating women, one of the things that most men worry is that it will all be a guessing game.

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They’ll have to guess how you’re feeling and read all these hints, which they’ll almost certainly misinterpret. They despise it. This implies you may be honest with him and tell him you like him and want to meet him again. It will undoubtedly pay off.

35. Tell him he’s a witty guy.

Guys enjoy being the goofy ones. The more a female can laugh with a guy, the more she likes him, it’s a well-known fact. It also serves to bolster his ego. He’ll have a hard time looking at any other lady when he remembers how wonderful you make him feel. As a result, make sure he knows you think he’s hilarious, and you’ll find it’s one of the most effective ways to discover how to make a guy want you.

Make him laugh with number 21.

On the other hand, if you actually want to know how to make him want you, you should be extremely hilarious yourself. Guys adore a woman with a sense of humor, but most of us keep ours hidden on dates. Make as many jokes as you want. Allow him to see that you have the ability to make him laugh.

It’s all about making him feel good around you once more. Associating you with positive emotions is one technique to persuade him to focus on you instead of all the other girls.

36. Don’t be afraid to be strange and silly.

On a date, many women want to appear calm, cool, and collected. What will make a guy remember you instead of all the other girls? Being strange and wacky, as well as displaying your humorous side. We’ve all got them!

How To Tell If A Man Over 50 Likes You
How To Tell If A Man Over 50 Likes You

Allow it to out. Get a little weird. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. The more fun he has and the more entertaining you are, the more likely he is to think of you when he wants to grab a bite to eat.


37. Don’t reveal everything about yourself all at once.

Every one of us has a past. That doesn’t imply you should tell him everything about yourself on the first few dates. You can make hints, but don’t bring the tone down with horrible stories. Keep your thoughts to yourself. Also, avoid discussing ex-lovers at all costs.

38. Put on clothes that make you feel nice.

This does not imply that you must dress in a seductive or stunning manner. You should dress in a way that makes you happy. You’ll be more at ease on the date if you’re feeling good. And that means you’ll be able to show more of your actual personality, which he’ll be able to detect easily. Being yourself is one of the most important methods to discover how to make a guy desire you.

39. Make eye contact with him for a few seconds longer.

The oldest trick in the book is this one. You can send a seductive vibe to the person you’re glancing at by simply holding your gaze for two seconds longer than usual. Maintaining eye contact will make you appear more confident, and it may give the other person the sense that you’re interested in him, leading him to like you in return. It’s the clearest nonverbal signal that says, “I think you’re hot.”

40. Be genuine

Sure, it’s good to keep your boyfriend guessing about you, but be sure the person you’re presenting to him is the actual you. Being honest allows you to show your true, vulnerable, and awkward self. There is nothing more enticing than being truthful. Say anything if you don’t enjoy the amuse-bouche. He might be relieved that you voiced exactly what he was thinking. Be unapologetic about who you are. People will admire you for it rather than despise you.

41. Allow him to do favors for you.

It might be as simple as taking his pen. Psychologists discovered that doing tiny favors for others makes you feel warm toward them. Men, in particular, will begin to believe that they are needed and valuable. They’ll seek this sensation and, as a result, believe they’re attracted to you.

42. Greet everyone with a smile.

You don’t have to be Ms. Personality; that would be frightening and tiresome to be around. Just remember to be respectful to everyone and avoid dragging people to the ground. If other people like you, he’ll begin to like you as well. Even if this approach doesn’t work for the guy you’re eyeing, you’ve got friends.

43. Approach him a little more closely

Follow in his footsteps without becoming obnoxious. The most critical trick on this list is to be in close proximity to someone. If you have the opportunity to sit next to him, take it. Approach him for a selfie if you’re hosting an office party and everyone is becoming wild. Physical proximity will pique his interest and may prompt him to reveal his affections for you.

44. Introduce him to a fresh experience.

A new TV show, a new pub in town, a new food, a new pastime, or a new sport could all be on the horizon. This type of activity will give him a rush of endorphins, which he will link with you. This “high” experience will condition him to believe he’s falling in love with you as well. He had better be having a good time doing all of these things if you’re having so much fun!

45. Act as if you don’t need a man.

Because you don’t have any! We’re not recommending you become an enraged feminist, but don’t be that chick who complains about being single all the time. You can discuss your single status with your girlfriends over a beer, but not with the guy you like. Even if he’s interested in you, if he thinks you need a man to be happy, he’ll withdraw within himself or become aloof since he’ll presume you “need” him regardless. Men prefer women who are content to be alone and who feel complete.

46. Slowly smile

Yes, that sounds terrible, but according to a study, smiling slowly rather than rapidly makes you appear more genuine. Similarly, if you provide a brief grin, the recipient may get the impression that you aren’t serious. Take it nice and slow when you smile if you want to attract a man.

47. If you have a crush on someone else, make sure he knows about it.

To get things moving faster, drop indications that someone is insane. Men enjoy competition, and if the man of your dreams is taking baby steps, telling him that he has competition is the best way to get him to sprint. Allowing your friends to mock you when he’s there or telling him “accidentally” about the other guy is one covert technique to achieve this.

48. Take your time responding to his texts.

You and he are the players in the game “Who’s the coolest, most relaxed texter.” This is also effective for your boyfriend or hubby! Your guy will be reassured that you like him more than he likes you if you text right away. He’ll become sluggish.

Men, in fact, can become bored as a result of this. You text three times, and they only text once. What exactly is the point of that? We know it shouldn’t be a game, but you have no choice but to play at least at first when you’re flirting with someone. Unless you’re both texting, respond at least an hour after you’ve received his text to keep him on his toes.

49. Refuse his invitations every now and then.

Make him feel as though your life isn’t swirling around him if you want to take things to the next level. Turn down some of his invitations. This will not only make him worry whether you’re seeing someone, but it will also push him to improve whatever it is he’s doing with you, because it may no longer be working. To put it another way, he’ll work harder to please you.

How To Get A Man To Want You
How To Get A Man To Want You

Search no more! Now you know How To Get A Man To Want You!

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