Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl (Let Her Know You Are Interested!)

Let’s check out some Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl that you like! Having a conversation with a female you have your eye on is very exciting. You’ll need some flirtatious and enjoyable conversation starters whether you’re attempting to get to know her better or develop incredible chemistry in a relationship.


Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl
Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl

We’ve put up this comprehensive list of flirtatious questions to ask a girl to increase attraction and determine if she might be the one for you.

When communicating by text or in person, try employing some of these tips. There will be flames flying before you know it!

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Questions to Ask a Girl to Be Flirty

how to find your soulmate

It’s true that discussions on dates can turn awkward. If you don’t ask any questions, you might not be a good match, but how will you ever know? Here are some flirtatious queries we came up with to keep the conversation from becoming uncomfortable at all!

Concerns Regarding You

Girls adore being questioned because it demonstrates your interest in them. You will learn her thoughts about you in-depth with the help of these flirtatious inquiries.

What qualities do you think make me appealing to you?
What are your favorite three body parts of mine?
Which shade do you believe would suit me the most?
What one thing about me would you alter if you could?
What kind of flower would I be if I were one?
What distinguishes me from other persons in your opinion?
Which well-known actor do you think I most resemble?
How about my attire?
What did you initially think of me?
Which dish would you say is my favorite?
Where would you take me if we went on another date?
What about me is reviving?

Relationship Tips

Concerns Regarding Her

Girls, let’s face it, enjoy it when you aren’t all about yourself; after all, you went on a date with her. She wants to know that. Here are some flirtatious questions you may ask her without further ado!

What about yourself do you like best?
What is the most charitable act you have ever performed?
Which do you like better, going to the gym or taking a walk?
What has been your life’s proudest moment?
Who do you admire the most?
What dish is the least appealing to you?
preferred pizza topping?
Do you depend on adrenaline?
Are you a romantic, in your opinion?
Do you identify as a feminist?
Do a lot of stalkers try to contact you through messages?
What was the best experience you had as a child?
So tell me, do you exercise or what?
Do you prefer large events or small gatherings?
Do you favor nightclubs or bars?
What terrifies you the most?
Are you reticent or outgoing?
Which would you want, to be extremely intelligent or extremely attractive?

generic flirty inquiries for women

1. What aspect of a man’s body do you find most alluring?

She can use this as an opportunity to consider the physical qualities she finds appealing in a man. She might understand that you are what she is looking for and let you know.

2. Do you think love can be found at first sight?

Who doesn’t like the thought of falling in love with someone right away?

3. Where would you like to go if I could take you out right now?

Relationship Tips

This is a direct but entertaining way to tell her you want to take her out on a date. Additionally, it offers her some discretion over the activity.

4. What arouses you the most?

Any discourse is always sparked by this query. Learning a girl’s turn-ons, whether they are physical or not, will provide you a hint as to what motions she might enjoy.

5. Do you think that everyone has a soul mate?

This question offers a great chance to discuss the future. Do you both think “the one” is real? Perhaps you’ve finally met…

6. Who is your favorite celebrity?

Zac Efron? ” What a coincidence that he resembles my favorite star! ”

7. What are the top three traits you seek in a man?

Discover what matters to her. You can gauge your two people’s compatibility based on these traits.

8. Have you considered kissing me at any point?

Relationship Tips

If she wasn’t contemplating it earlier, she most likely is now!

9. What scares you the most?

serial murderers? Spiders? Mom jokes? You can be her shining knight when the time comes.

10. What is the worst date you ever had?

What could be more entertaining than sharing embarrassing date stories? Your shared romantic horrors will cause you to swiftly rekindle your friendship.

11. What do you consider to be a person’s most endearing quality?

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This will demonstrate to her that your appearance is not important. What qualities does she look for in a person?

12. Do you favor initiating contact?

Why don’t you inquire and find out if the female you’re flirting with likes to make the first move? After all, it is the twenty-first century.

13. When will I be able to give you my first kiss?

Relationship Tips

This is a very sassy, flirtatious inquiry. But before you ask, make sure you already feel like she’s intrigued. If you two are meeting for the first time, it can frighten her!

14. Would you agree to go out on a date with me?

With this question, delivery is crucial. It should be posed in a lighthearted, taunting manner. Consider a wink and a smirk. She might laugh at you and accept your proposal of a date at the same time!

15. Have you ever sent inappropriate texts?

This one is a little risqué, but if you click with her in that way, it may create a very flirty atmosphere.

16. Do you like to cuddle more than kiss?

She will start fantasizing about kissing and cuddling with you if you ask her this question. Although it isn’t as straightforward as asking for a kiss, it makes her consider what it may be like.

17. Which activity—dinner and drinks, a movie, or a hike—would you want to do with your group?

Ask her to envision different dates with you. This could give her ideas for possible dates and give you a hint about what she’d enjoy doing with you.

18. Do you favor a wild night out or a quiet evening in?

Relationship Tips

Her response to this can provide additional insight into what being in a relationship might be like. Which would you prefer—the couple that loves a nice night in or the wild couple that knows how to have fun?

19. Do you have the courage to take risks?

Be sure to pay attention to her response to this flirtatious inquiry because it could signify anything. When two people are open to trying new things, there can be a lot of mystery and excitement.

20. Which present stood out among the rest for you?

Find out more about her principles. What memories or things are most important to her? Keep this in mind for the future, just in case you want to treat her to something special!

21. Do you possess any hidden skills?

Oh, you can knot a cherry stem with only your tongue? For some reason, there’s something so alluring about that.

22. Do you like giving French kisses?

This is a seductive question to ask if you’ve just started dating or have been seeing each other for a while. Find out what makes her want to kiss. Tongue? No tongue? Although it isn’t for everyone, it might be for you.

23. What does the ideal date look like to you?

Relationship Tips

Ask her advice if you’re certain you want to go on an outstanding date with this girl. Discover her ideal date, then borrow some of its components for your own.

24. What is your ideal position?

Nothing is more flirtatious than demonstrating your interest in someone else’s passions. When you inquire about her ideal position, she will be eager to talk about it with you.

25. How was your very first kiss?

Anything to make couples thinking about kissing one another.

26. Is a third date with Netflix and chill too soon?

This is a fun technique to inquire about the pace she feels at ease with in a brand-new relationship.

27. What irritates you the most?

She detests having terrible breath. It’s time to buy a larger Listerine container.

28. What would your ideal weekend entail?

You may be able to give her the weekend getaway of her dreams in the future.

29. How would your ideal home look like?

It’s interesting and thrilling to discuss future ambitions and aspirations when you’re just beginning to know someone.

30. Who do you think I resemble among famous people?

Let’s hope she chooses Tom Hardy or Ryan Gosling!

31. What about you is a complete mystery to others?

To show a side of yourself that no one else sees is very flirtatious. It will also increase your mutual trust.

32. Do you want to know a secret?

Who doesn’t enjoy keeping secrets? Even if you make this hilarious, it still comes off as lewd.

33. Have you ever felt a crush on a teacher?

Admitting you once had a crush on a teacher is a little scandalous, but that’s what makes it interesting to discuss. Spicy inquiries can undoubtedly improve the chemistry.

34. Which shade do you believe would suit me the most?

She has a wonderful opportunity to hint at what she thinks looks good on you.

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35. How do you find my fashion?

She might even offer you a few style advices!

36. What about yourself do you like best?
This inquiry is ideal for boosting a girl’s self-confidence. Be sure to include something about her that you also admire.

37. Do you prefer bars or coffee shops?

Take notice of her response; it might be suitable for a first date.

38. Which is more important: intelligence or beauty?

The dating controversy between personality and appearance has always existed.

39. In one words, what would your perfect partnership entail?

Although this is a difficult topic, it will make you and your partner consider what you actually want in a spouse.

40. What in a previous relationship was a deal breaker?

Dissing ex-partners is almost always awkward but always cathartic. You’ll at least learn from his past errors!

41. Which role do you prefer—the big spoon or the little spoon?

This classic flirtatious query never fails to have her imagining what snuggling with you may be like.

42. Do you enjoy calling your partner by their pet names?

To follow up, you should inquire about her preferred pet names, such as “Baby.” Babe? Honey? Boo?

43. How in the world are you still unmarried?

Tell us if this clever query isn’t just delightful! You’ll almost certainly receive a smile, if not a snarky eye-roll as well.

44. What is it about you that I find so appealing?

Another adorable question to ponder It’s flirtatious yet sincere and lets her know you’re sensing a spark but aren’t sure what it is.

45. What are you currently contemplating?

I’m hoping she’ll say YOU! or that her dinner of choice is pizza. That also works.

46. Do you embrace people?

If she agrees, you might want to offer her a bear hug.

47. Is chemistry in the bedroom vital to you?

To find out if physical attractiveness is actually essential to both of you, this inquiry should usually wait until a second or third date.

48. Are you my type?

Dare to ask her this, all you brazen and brash people. It gives off an air of extreme confidence and could work in your favor.

49. What do you suppose I’m thinking about right now?

“What are you thinking right now?” has been twisted.

“, which places her in control. She is free to be as original and flirty as she likes in her response.

50. Do you dare?

A decent game of Truth or Dare is the epitome of flirtatiousness!

51. Did you ever…?

Have you ever… questions can be amusing, flirtatious, and interesting. You two might discover a lot about one another!

52. What do you think about shows of affection in public?

Does she enjoy PDA or find it repulsive?

53. Do you prefer commitment or no-strings-attached relationships?

The response to this query can frequently make or break a new relationship. Relax if you and your partner are in agreement.

54. Do you break hearts?

Such a query can elicit clever conversation that will set the flames ablaze. Just be careful not to come out accusing!

55. What superpower, if any, would you want to have?

The answer to this question, let’s face it, may completely change everything. Who says anything other than flying, after all?

56. What was the most charitable act you ever did for someone?

Finding out more about a person’s personality as opposed to merely their attractions is pleasant.

57. Which daydreaming destination—the beach or the mountains—would you choose to visit?

This query inspires exciting date suggestions for the two of you!

58. How soon after being together should a fresh couple take a trip?

Is she more of a cautious planner or a go-for-it, impulsive kind of girl?

59. Would you wed a person of a different religion?

Marriage inquiries at first can be dangerous, but if you discuss your religious beliefs, it might be wise to do it sooner rather than later.

60. Do you prefer to exercise outside or at a gym?

Mountain climber or gym rat?

61. What tune would you choose for your wedding dance?

since the most of us have probably given it a single or double consideration.

62. What food would you choose if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life?

If you give a decent response to this, you might even find love! You can now surprise her with her preferred meal.

63. Would you join me on a fun weekend trip?

It’s pointed, but if she’s into you, even the concept will spark her imagination.

64. Would you travel great distances to be with your loved one?

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What could be more romantic than the thought of traveling across the world to be with the one you love?

65. Do you regularly exercise?

Simply put, this is flirtatious. Tell her you think her body is attractive!

66. Which of your relationships lasted the longest?

Talking about previous relationships can make you both consider dating each other. Just be careful not to dwell too much on the past.

67. How do you dress for bed?

This is a touch too provocative of a question for a casual coffee conversation. But why not spice up the chat after you both feel completely at ease with one another?

68. Do you enjoy trying out new foods?

A variation on the question “Do you like to try new things?

“, but it’s about food. Get some fresh ideas for takeout on Friday!

69. Do you have a private fantasy that you’ve kept to yourself?

A very seductive query. Save this one for a relationship where you want to continue probing each other’s desires.

70. Do you have any weekend plans?

If she says she’s free, make sure you have a follow-up query prepared (“Would you like to xyz with me?”).

71. Could I have your phone number?

With this one, I’ll get right to the point.

72. When can I give you a call?

Want to be noticed? Ask if you can call her instead of telling her you’ll text. We guarantee she will swoon.

73. Do you like to dance slowly?

It’s so romantic to slow dance. She might find your interest in it impressive.

74. What do you like to do to unwind?

Discuss the activities you engage in to relax after work.

75. Have you ever had a massage from a man?

Considering that you are the absolute master of wonderful shoulder rubs.

love inquiries

Even though it’s a little embarrassing to admit it, you are there looking for love. Let’s check to see if you two click.

Do you think love can be found at first sight? (
What do you anticipate for the future?
How many children do you desire?
Do you think in destiny or fate?
How would you define love?
What romantic film is your favorite?
Do you think I’ll start to like you?
Do you think it’s possible to live without love?
What do you consider to be the best icebreaker?
Which pick-up line do you consider to be the worst?
Have you ever gotten a guy with a pick up line?
Money or love?
What would your ideal partnership look like?

Former Partnerships

Here are some flirtatious inquiries to make about prior relationships if you’re curious, but only because flirting makes the inquiries more approachable.
What traits do you seek in a man?
Which of your relationships lasted the shortest time?
Which of your relationships lasted the longest?
What has been your most romantic action to date?
He asked if you were romantic.
Would you go back and change something from your previous relationship?
Consider yourself to be a good girlfriend.
Why did your previous partnership end?
What past relationship rule is a deal breaker?
What about you did your previous relationship like the most?
What about you did your previous relationship find most repulsive?

fun inquiries

Okay, here are a few random, flirtatious questions to ask her:

When was the last time you cried from laughter?
Have you ever urinated in your pants?
Would you prefer to keep in touch with an old friend or never speak to them again?
Which dessert would you rather dive into: the pudding or the custard?
Are public displays of affection something you enjoy?
What would we need to bring if we were marooned on a desert island?
Would you rather your spouse wed your best friend or someone you detested if you passed away?
Which would you choose: dancing by moonlight or in a club?
Do you dare?
How long did it take you to change your underwear? (BE Sincere)
Would you participate in a nude run?
Would you ever go to a naked beach?

Adorable Questions

The cutest thing ever! Here are some of my favorite cute questions for girls:

Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy? What is your most trustworthy action?
What about humor? I’ll judge your joke if you tell it to me!
So, why is it worth taking a chance on you?
Do you break hearts?
Starter, main or desert?
If you could have one superpower what would it be?
If you had to pick either coffee or tea to drink forever, which would it be?
What is the cutest thing you have ever done?
What is the most charitable act you have ever performed?